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Sober Partners’ Huntington Beach Rehabs are pet friendly rehab so there’s no need to worry about your pet while you are getting sober. It’s said that alcoholism and addiction is a family disease and no one member of the family feels the result of a client’s alcoholism or addiction more than our pet. When it’s time to get sober, why leave your pet at home? They deserve a break too.

Our experience is that our animals are a big part of our sobriety and will be of yours too. We’re also partnered with programs that accept dogs and cats, and agree that pets can be a very beneficial component to ones addiction recovery process.

Those who require treatment for drug abuse can also reap the comforting benefits from the involvement of pets in the recovery process. All this comes from the fact that anxiety and depression are reoccurring symptoms among people who are addicted to drugs. The companionship of a pet goes a long way to keep the user occupied at all times thereby dampening drug cravings. Contact with a pet allows for the release of chemicals with positive effects in the brain. These are preferable changes in brain chemistry. Our pet friendly drug rehabs in Huntington Beach give the resident the freedom to live with their pets throughout the whole recovery process.

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