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Why Recover in Orange County, CA?

Orange County, California is a true American treasure and ideal location for recovery treatment. has forty-two miles of gorgeous outline, 3 harbors, and twenty-five urban and county parks – as well as 230 miles of riding and hiking trails. The beaches and harbors host premier yachts, dinner cruises, electrical boats, and Olympic-caliber kayakers and rowers. The able quantity parks embody numerous commercial amusement parks include unique amenities like lawn tennis, volleyball, and beach-side basketball courts.

By car, Orange County is only an hour south of downtown Los Angeles and an hour north of San Diego County. Orange County is also accessible from anywhere in the United States through  John Wayne International Airport.

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Ideal Southern California Weather

The climate in Orange County, CA is extremely comfortable with mostly sunny days.  The daytime temperatures average 70 degrees year-round. And the annual rainfall is less than 12 inches.

There is no better place for a beach-lover to start their journey to recovery! Huntington Beach is well-known for its Surf City title and is home to some of the best beaches in the country.

A Thriving Recovery Community

Newport Beach and Huntington Beach in Orange County, California are the epicenters for Drug and Alcohol Treatment in the United States that include 100’s of world-class programs and facilities which attract and employ the top treatment professionals in the country. Anyone who has come to California for Treatment always mentions the strong sense of community they find here and the eclectic list of activities available.

Surfing, Sailing, skimboarding, Skiing, and Biking along the Bay, or just relaxing on the beach, there really is no better place on the planet to get Sober!  These are just some of the reasons to choose an Orange County Rehab Center for treatment.

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If you or someone you know needs a substance abuse treatment program in Southern California, look no further. Sober Partners. Orange County treatment centers in Huntington Beach and Newport Beach provide a luxury alcohol and drug treatment experience.

Our rehab centers are steps from the sand, making daily life throughout the recovery much more enjoyable than your average rehab. Our therapies and treatments have staggering success rates and our clients generally see long-term recovery.

Our Orange County Drug Rehab team has helped thousands of people before who have struggled with drugs or alcohol. Life is much more rewarding when given structure and success. We can give you the framework to build that life and free you from your alcohol addiction or drug addiction.

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2. Detox

The symptoms of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can range from uncomfortable to deadly.  Detoxification, especially from Alcohol and Benzodiazepines should always be done under the close supervision of trained, medical professionals. 

Fear of withdrawals and their accompanying symptoms can keep addicted individuals trapped in the cycle of addition.  Undergoing a medical detox at our Orange County Detox Center helps our clients safely overcome the physical symptoms of withdrawal so that they can focus on the mental and emotional components of their recovery.

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At Sober Partners Alcohol Rehab Orange County CA, we know that each person who comes to one of our addiction treatment centers has their own unique story.  That’s why we provide substance-specific treatments tailored to each individual.  Many factors can influence a person’s recovery journey.  From their drug (or drugs) of choice to their past experiences, and medical history.  All of these elements play a role in the process of getting sober.

Our Orange County Addiction Treatment Centers provide treatment for a variety of substance use disorders.  Here are some of the substances that we specialize in treating: