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Attention To Detail

Our signature service utilizes 1-ON-1 private drug & alcohol counseling during all phases of the Treatment process, from the first days of a residential stay all the way to the first days back home after formal Treatment has ended. These are our Sober Companion, Sober Coach and Sober Advisor services

We believe that in order to make sense of the new information our clients receive in groups and counseling and to see it in action throughout the Treatment process sets us apart, and increases our client’s odds of getting sober and staying sober once and for all.

With our Intensive Track Service, a lot of the counseling and conversation about sobriety takes place while having fun golfing, fishing, surfing, shopping, at the spa, over coffee and at the beach and gym.

The Intensive Track Counselors and Addiction Specialists at our Huntington Beach Rehabs have 10, 20, even 30 years of living sober and can show clients how to get and stay sober while simultaneously having fun.


As our clients get more acclimated to sobriety the need for 24/7 care lessens and a client will see his Intensive Track Counselor 3 to 4 times a week with structured time set aside for various activities.
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A big part of the aftercare process, a Sober Advisor can stay on with a client up to a year and usually provides 1 face to face meeting a week that can be in person or via online technology. This service is an important one as it adds a level of accountability and support for our clients as they approach their first full year of continuous sobriety which from our experience, signifies a point at which the statistical chance of relapse is reduced by 89%.
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This is the highest level of time and care a client can receive. An assigned counselor will usually visit the client in detox and accompany the client throughout the first month of Treatment. In between group sessions, therapy appointments and curfews, companions are there to help make sense of what’s going on and avoid the possible pitfalls of early recovery.
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