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Tailored To Your Lifestyle

Our experience has shown that money cannot buy sobriety. There are a set of routine actions that need to take place and become habit for anyone, rich or poor, famous or not, young or old to get and stay sober. However, many of our Executives and people of means, come to us accustomed to a certain level of amenities and we see no reason why seeking Treatment and getting sober should not include the comforts of home, however nice that home may be.

This is where Sober Partners® can help.

Even though the solutions to Addiction & Alcoholism are the same at all ages and economic scales, comfort for a 21 year old opiate addict and a 55 year old alcoholic Business Executive are two different things. We strive to place individuals where they will be most at home so they can concentrate on their recovery and not “tolerating” their neighbors. Whether it be a personal chef and trainer or an ocean front facility in Huntington Beach, we’ve got you covered with our Sober Partners® Executive Treatment Plans.

Our Advisor’s main goal is to encourage our clients to continue to take part in the new habits and activities they have established in recovery and reach the important one year of continuous sobriety.

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Don’t settle for less when getting right. If you or your loved one needs specific care while going through their drug or alcohol treatment program, consider Sober Partners’ Rehab Centers in Huntington Beach and Newport Beach.

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