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Depending on the Facility and the individual services provided Fees can range.

Fees for our and our partner’s services are plainly listed on the bottom of each individual “Sober” service’s page.

  • Feel free to contact us with any questions in regards to hybrid plans or services you don’t understand.
  • It’s the goal of our Treatment Coordinator to assist our clients in getting the proper level of care and amenities before treatment begins.
  • Fees for services are generally required before services are received.

To protect our Clients’ privacy all payments to Sober Partners® are to be made to:

Partners Project, Inc.

All billing related correspondence will be from:

Since we work with a list of providers along with our own facilities and services we are able to help you get the most of your recovery dollar and more importantly, create the best odds of making a stay in treatment a once in a life time event rather than several visits over several years.

For our Private Pay clients we accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover Card, Personal or business Check and cashier’s check.

We currently accept a wide range of Health Insurance Plans. Check our health Insurance Verification page to confirm your Insurance eligibility on line. Not all Health Insurance Companies Pay for All services.

Call us today for a free consultation … Toll Free: 855-99-PARTNER (844-257-6190)

Please see our Refund Policy* below for more information. To make a payment via credit card please click the PayPal ~ Make Payment button below:

*REFUND POLICY: Due to the costs incurred for empty occupancy, the time needed to fill spots and administrative costs/time, the following policies apply: Once a client has entered into the Sober Partners Program and decides to leave against staff advice, or is discharged due to the use of unauthorized drugs or alcohol, or commits an infraction of rules, no refund will be given for any fees paid. A fee credit may be given for future treatment with us as determined solely by the Sober Partners treatment team.