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Prescription Drugs: Why Worry?


Someone who begins abusing prescription drugs are no different than those who are addicted to heroin, cocaine or any other illegal drug. Anyone, particularly those with a history of addiction, that uses prescription drugs may become dependent on them which can result in negative consequences. When someone is abusing prescription drugs, the medication can [...]

Prescription Drugs: Why Worry?2021-01-18T11:12:46-08:00

The Truth About Relationships In Early Recovery


Addicts look outside of themselves to soothe themselves internally. When the substances are removed, the recovering person may look to other things outside of themselves to regulate their feelings and increase self-esteem. Relationships can be used in this way in early recovery. For this reason, relationships in early recovery can become consuming, can pose [...]

The Truth About Relationships In Early Recovery2021-01-18T11:12:47-08:00

The Insidious Nature Of Addictive Thinking


Impaired impulse control, combined with a relative inability to process consequences, can accurately sum up what is often referred to as addictive thinking. These types of thought patterns can lead to a lack of trust in one’s self and others, then to increased isolation. Reward and negative reinforcement factor importantly in behavioral and addictive [...]

The Insidious Nature Of Addictive Thinking2021-03-04T08:56:30-08:00

Active Addict Or Sociopath?


An active addict in the grip of addiction may display several features that closely mirror that of a sociopath.  However, without achieving abstinence first, it may be hard to sort out whether or not the condition is primary or symptomatic of addiction.  Persistent and sometimes complex dishonesty is one of the primary features of the [...]

Active Addict Or Sociopath?2021-01-18T11:12:47-08:00

Change Or Die


As an active addict the past may have influenced where you are today, but where you end up tomorrow is up to you...if you can change. No matter when, how, or why you started using or abusing drugs, at one point it became a learned behavior. You may have learned about drugs in your own [...]

Change Or Die2021-01-18T11:12:47-08:00

Sober Partners: Treating Addicted Couples


There is little doubt that couples are impacted by substance abuse and addiction. Addiction has long been considered a family disease. It directly effects all members of the immediate family, often times for generations. Addictions can plummet marriages and families into chaos, both before and after substance abuse treatment. Being informed and educated about [...]

Sober Partners: Treating Addicted Couples2021-01-18T11:12:47-08:00

Learning To Set Boundaries


The disease of addiction causes havoc in all areas of people's lives. Nothing is left untouched.  Usually, it is the addicts’ closest relationships that suffer most...and longest.  A person can protect themselves while still supporting their loved ones if they understand the need for healthy boundaries.For anyone involved with an active addict, you know it [...]

Learning To Set Boundaries2021-01-18T11:34:20-08:00

MDMA – Facts, Info & History You Should Know


You may have heard of the drug MDMA before in reference but never understood who or what Molly was supposed to be (?) The term ‘Molly’ is slang for molecule and it’s considered to be the pure form of 3, 4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine or MDMA.  MDMA is a synthetic drug that some psychiatrists began to prescribe for [...]

MDMA – Facts, Info & History You Should Know2021-01-18T11:59:59-08:00

Opioids v. Opiates


The dіѕtіnсtіоn bеtwееn opioids аnd opiates is іmроrtаnt bесаuѕе thеrе are wеll-еѕtаblіѕhеd dеfіnіtіоnѕ fоr each which аrе often ignored.  In thе news, you’ll оftеn hear drugs lіkе hеrоіn and оxусоdоnе referred tо as “opiates,” but thаt’ѕ nоt a соrrесt uѕе of the word. On thе mоѕt basic level, іt’ѕ uѕеful to kеер thе gеnеrаl [...]

Opioids v. Opiates2021-01-18T11:12:47-08:00
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