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Sober Partners’ has multiple full-service Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Orange County to help people struggling with substance abuse recover from their addictions. We have Residential-Inpatient Rehab Centers in Huntington Beach and an Outpatient Clinic in Newport Beach for those who choose to stay at home throughout their recovery.

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An intervention is often the very first step in treating addiction since many addicts don’t admit themselves to recovery programs. Getting an addict to own up to their problematic habit is hard enough; getting an addict to accept treatment is even more difficult. Our skilled interventionists can help you through it.

Many people addicted to drugs or alcohol fear withdrawal symptoms that come with the beginning stages of getting clean. However, detoxifying one’s body from the drugs it’s dependent on doesn’t need to be completely terrible. Our comforting detox can offer care, amenities, and medicines to make the process smoother.

Inpatient addiction treatment at a residential treatment facility is known to increase the chance for recovery. Our beautiful waterfront Orange County locations give patients an environment that is conducive to our recovery program. Most patients love the location and are better able to focus deeply on building healthy habits and behavioral changes.


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Dual Diagnosis

The more research we see on addiction, the more we know that substance use disorders often come with co-occurring disorders. The ability to identify these co-occurring disorders often referred to as dual diagnosis, assists our team in tailoring mental health treatments that will greatly benefit the patient. 

Executive Treatment

Need addiction treatment but have major work commitments? Executive treatment plans can give you additional amenities and services to accommodate your unique needs. We can even allow you several hours a day to complete essential work. Don’t let work obligations leave you believing treatment isn’t possible.

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Alternative Sentencing

Our addicted patients may be able to escape jail time and criminal charges through an alternative sentencing program. We can refer you to industry leading justice consultants to decrease your chances of incarceration and a damaging felony record. Then, we can get you set for a plan that meets your diversion program.


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Sober Partners' Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers

Sober Partners is here to help you every step of the way along recovery — whether you need help getting a loved one into treatment or you’re looking for help yourself.

Our gender-separate inpatient rehabs in Huntington Beach provide the perfect atmosphere conducive to recovering from substances abuse. We’ve strategically placed our treatment centers steps from the sand, making life a bit more enjoyable than it would be at home.

Our goal is to get you or your loved one on the right path to long-term recovery. Our team has already helped thousands of people struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol find a life worth living.

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Let us give you the framework you need to build that life and free you from your drug habits.

Sober Partners’ Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Team has helped thousands of people before you struggling with drugs or alcohol. Life is much more rewarding when given structure and success. We can give you the framework to build that life and free you from your alcohol addiction or drug addiction.

Contact us by calling (855) 997-2786 or message us through the contact form above to get started! Recovery is ready for you!