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The Dry Drunk


The Dry Drunk Long-term recovery requires some of the most diligent work of our lives. In addition to not picking up a drink or a drug, we regularly make efforts to improve ourselves. This can seem like a daunting task. One must have faith that if he or she sticks with their program of [...]

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What Is Holistic Addiction Treatment?


What Is Holistic Addiction Treatment? A holistic approach to substance abuse treatment focuses on the entirety of a person. That focus is a balance of the spirit, mind, and body in order to achieve a healthy state of being. Some of the more sophisticated approaches to addiction treatment today offer programs to help guide [...]

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Comparing Ourselves To Others


Comparing Ourselves To Others It can be dangerous spending too much time comparing ourselves to others. Whether we realize it or not, ever since we were children, we’ve been holding ourselves to standards and accomplishments of other people. Whether it’s our parents, our siblings, our friends, co-workers, or even strangers who we just think [...]

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Can An Addict Change?


Can An Addict Change? Many addicts say,  ‘I am an addict.’ They admit it, but it’s only lip service. They don’t really accept it down in their soul. They don’t accept it wholeheartedly, and so somewhere down the road there will be doubt, a moment when they think ‘I can do just one hit’ or [...]

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Sober Coaching


Sober Coach The Sober Coach bridges the gap between the recovery community and residential treatment facilities. Sober Coaches offer a level of responsibility and provide a measure of accountability that the recovery community cannot be expected to offer. A sober coach acts as a direct connection to the customer's own daily environment, acting as [...]

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Relapse While relapse may be common among addicts, it may also make it seem as though the cycle of drug abuse is inevitable and unending.The cycle of addiction however, is not always unending -- it just takes a long time for the brain to heal. When the levels of important chemicals are measured in the [...]