Sober Companion

A Sober Companion is a great option for busy professionals or high profile executives who may not be able to stay in Treatment for 30, 60 or 90 days and must get back to responsibilities quickly. It’s not uncommon for the appropriately matched companion to actually join a client at work and help with daily responsibilities. Our Companions will do whatever is necessary to help our client maintain abstinence from drugs or alcohol!

Aside from being Addiction Specialists, we are experienced in Crisis Management as well as having first-hand experience from the board room to a movie set or from the locker room to a recording studio.

A Sober Partners Sober Companion may travel home with the client and stay with them to help give them the necessary accountability and direction as long as needed. Our Sober Companions are also available to the client’s family for any questions or concerns as well.

This service can also be useful for more challenging clients with acute cases of addiction or alcoholism living in Residential Treatment Facilities, to give them the most intensive level of attention and accountability possible.

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Sober Partners® Sober Companion

Experience Counts

Sober Partners currently works with many high profile clients and meets the requirements for cast insurance in the motion picture industry.  Our experience has shown that our services in combination with The Treatment Provider’s curriculum can make all the difference in a client’s early recovery and will no doubt improve a client’s over all experience and success at long term sobriety in addition to broadening the scope of a Provider’s services and helps to set them apart from the competition!

*Fees for this service are dependent upon the level of care needed on per/day basis and can be billed in daily, weekly or monthly intervals.

*This service is currently not covered by Health Insurance. Private pay only.

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