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By now our clients should have a program of recovery in place but to help keep the most basic accountability we schedule at least one meeting a week. This can be accomplished face to face or via on line technology such as Skype or FaceTime .

An Advisor and client may set some goals and bench marks to continue to stay on track.Should the client run into trouble, their Sober Advisor is available to them and their family before things get out of hand and if necessary, help the client get back on solid footing before a relapse can occur.

Once a client is finished with formal Treatment Strategies and has returned home our Sober Partners Coach/Companions can move into a Sober Advisor role.

A Sober Advisor works directly with the Treatment Coordinator, the client, the client’s family, and the Treatment Provider to help make the client’s transition as smooth as possible. A Sober Advisor is able to offer a degree of accountability, familiarity and support as the client moves back home.

Sober Partners® Sober Advisor
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Many clients do well in Treatment but once home, without some level of accountability and structure can struggle and relapse.

Our Advisors main goal is to encourage our clients to continue to take part in the new habits and activities they have established in recovery and reach the important one year of continuous sobriety.

*Fees for this service are predetermined and dependent upon the level of care needed per/month and are billed in monthly intervals.

*This service is currently not covered by Health Insurance. Private pay only.

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