Roxicodone Detox and Withdrawal

Roxicodone Detox and Withdrawal

Roxicodone | What is It?

Roxicodone can be a terribly robust narcotic medication for folks that suffer chronic pain. If the protective coating is destroyed, Roxicodone will transition to use as a high potency opiate. Drug abusers crush, chew, or dissolve the pill, so snort, swallow, or inject it. Continued use of this drug has a high risk of OD, as well as death. Additional effects reported like nausea, dizziness, vomiting, sweating, weakness and headache. The drug is known to be extremely habit-forming, and addiction is a serious problem. The allure of Roxicodone is the euphoria produced when Roxicodone reaches mu receptors in the Central Nervous System. There are proven, workable Roxicodone detox and withdrawal treatment options available. Our Program has helped hundreds of opiate users overcome Roxicodone addiction.

  • Roxicodone is a semi-synthetic opiate synthesized from thebaine. Roxicodone is prescribed for moderate to severe chronic pain.

  • Most Roxicodone users start off snorting or smoking instead the drug instead of the manufacturer’s recommended oral administration.

  • The one emotion that keeps Roxicodone addicts in their addiction is fear. More specifically fear of experiencing Roxicodone withdrawal symptoms.

  • The main active ingredient in is Oxycodone. Roxicodone comes in 3 dosages 5mg, 15mg, and 30mg tablets.

Roxicodone Addiction:
Addiction to Roxicodone is a result of abuse and dependency. The final analysis for this addiction is that most, if not all users, cannot detox at home and must seek outside help.

The rationale for outside professional help comes from the fact that opiate users self-medicate as a matter of lifestyle and are unequipped to detox at home. In addiction the physical withdrawal is but one aspect of Roxicodone addiction; the second being the opiate cravings which usually last for several days after successful detoxification.

Roxicodone Detox and Withdrawal | Minimizing the Symptoms:

Roxicodone Addiction: Roxicodone detox is a residential detoxification program designed to manage withdrawal symptoms. Our detox treatment uses a combination of Nutrition, Hydration, Rest and Medication Safety Protocols to help clients prevail through withdrawal.

The goal of Roxicodone detox is to minimize opiate withdrawal symptoms so the symptoms are not noticeable by the client..

Roxicodone Withdrawal: The basic goal of Roxicodone detoxification are to overcome dependence (physiological) and withdrawal cravings (psychological).

There is little doubt that Roxicodone users will attempt to detox themselves usually with little or no success. The reason for failure is simple; addicts self-medicate as a lifestyle. They are unable to experience the necessary side-effects to successfully overcome their opiate addiction.

Conclusion: The only answer that has real merit is inpatient detox. That’s it! Don’t let Roxicodone ruin your life for another day. We have a proven workable method to minimize withdrawal symptoms and overcome addiction. We make the detoxification process a comfortable and dignified one.

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