Opioid Addiction

Opioid Addiction

Opioid Addiction | Symptoms and Treatment

Opioids are basically prescription medicines that are administered to patients are pain relievers. They work by rewiring the central nervous system in that they will suppress the pain receptors in the brain hence making your body to be very slow in responding to pain. Opioids are mainly used by medics to relieve patients during activities such as dental procedures, during surgeries, accidents, and to relieve pain to those who have chronic conditions such as cancer. Extended use has frequently been associated with instances of Opioid Addiction.

The use of opioids is safe but when done correctly. Abuse of the drug will ensue used without the prescription of a doctor, if used more than recommended or when used for a long period of time even after the period of prescription is long gone.

Opioid Addiction ~ Road to Recovery

Symptoms of Opioid Addiction

The addiction of opioid is typically to those of the other abused substances. The victims will usually display certain characteristic behaviors and they are bound to change their emotional balances as well. For instance, if you consistently have a persistent urge to use the drug even if you are not in medication, then is a pointer that you may be getting addicted. You will also know that you are addicted if you are seeing multiple doctors so that you can get an increased amount of the drug. This is not to mention other pointers such as spending a lot of time and money just to get the drug.

Types of Opioids

Opioids come in different forms and with different names. The most common ones that are in use and are abused in the same measure include opium, morphine, codeine, oxycodone, fentanyl, oxymorphone, heroine, paregoric, hydrocodone, sufentanil, tramadol, methadone, hydromorphone.

Opioid Addiction Treatment

Just as with other forms of addiction, serious work and commitment is needed to overcome this type of addiction. You must commit to quitting before seeking the help of a doctor or a rehabilitation center where you will be assisted in overcoming all the withdrawal symbols to make the process safe and smooth.

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