Methadone Detox and Withdrawal

Methadone Detox and Withdrawal

Methadone | Abuse & Use:

Methadone is a synthetic opioid used to treat opiate addiction and manage pain. It was developed in Germany during WWII as a complementary medication to morphine to assist the military in treating soldiers with battle injuries. The original developers could not have envisioned the extent to which users would require supervised Methadone Detox and Withdrawal to break-free from the drug. The war ended before methadone ever reached the battlefield.

Methadone Detox and Withdrawal | Risky Business:

Most methadone users develop addiction in one of two ways.

  • At methadone clinics during active participation in a methadone maintenance treatment program.

  • As part of a pain management treatment program directed by a physician.

Methadone Addiction Detoxification

Methadone Detox helps methadone addicts recover while minimizing the opiate withdrawal symptoms.  Each client receives an individualized treatment regime designed to ease their unique circumstances.

The Suboxone Detoxification works wonders for daily methadone users. This detoxification method focuses treatment resources on several key areas that provide opiate users with pain free methadone detoxification.

Insomnia is the single most common reason why opiate users fail in detox. Sleep disorder treatment minimizes this problem dramatically. Opiate withdrawal induced insomnia requires intensive treatments during the first several days in opiate detox. Once a client develops healthy sleep patterns the sleep disorder treatments are methodically tapered to create more natural sleep patterns.

Methadone Addiction Treatment

When methadone users find themselves stuck in the labyrinth of addiction they also find out it is the worst of all opiate addictions. Hardly a person could imagine the stigma and destruction to personal ego that methadone addiction brings with it. There are better methods available to the public for the treatment of opioid dependency than methadone treatment.

We have been successfully detoxifying Methadone addicts since 2013 at our Orange County rehab in Huntington Beach, California. Our Methadone treatment option that helps people overcome dependency as opposed to becoming addicted Methadone instead..

Opioid dependency has very real emotional side-effects that never appear in medical journals but methadone does have a tendency to dull feelings and disrupt the ability to bond with their fellow man and woman.

What about Methadone Clinic Treatment for Opiate Addiction ?

Methadone clinics are frequently sought to treat opioid dependency. Use of Methadone to break a stronger Opiod addiction is risky. There are two distinct methadone addiction treatments administered by methadone clinics:

  • Detoxification :: with methadone is usually a 28-day program that starts with a brief stabilization period followed by a systematic taper. A large number of opiate addicts are unable to handle their final few days of methadone detox and withdrawal tend to relapse back to their original opioid of choice i.e. Heroin or Oxycontin.

  • Maintenance :: with methadone requires several methadone detoxification failures before being allowed to enter a maintenance program. This should be fair warning as to the value of methadone detoxification. Methadone maintenance is a nightmare for opiate addicts seeking to overcome their opiate addiction. Methadone maintenance is the same as switching from moonshine to vodka.

Methadone Withdrawal Symptoms

Methadone withdrawal symptoms are considered to be the most severe of all opioids. Of course it matters how much methadone a person is taking and how long they’ve been taking it but on average opioids with longer half-lives like methadone have longer lasting withdrawal symptoms. It is also believed that methadone settles deep into fatty areas of the body that must leach out over time and that tends to extend the detoxification process for weeks.

The fear of experiencing pain during the methadone withdrawal process keeps many methadone users stuck in their addiction. Today is a new era in methadone detoxification. Methadone users can overcome their addiction in private and in comfort.

Our rehab facility creates a virtually painless methadone detoxification environment in order to give clients every opportunity for success.

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