Meth Detox and Withdrawal (Methamphetemine)

Meth Detox and Withdrawal Relief

Crystal Methamphetamine | Use:

Many meth users find out the hard way they can no longer function without using meth. The craving to use is greater than their desire to manage their own life (health, finances and relationships). This obsession creates a very prohibitive climate for Meth detox and withdrawal.

Meth and Sex – Meth users tend to give up all that is good in their life for what they want right now – which is to change how they feel. And meth users enjoy the sexual effects of meth use even though it may bring profound distortions in sexual behavior.

The main effect in Crystal Methamphetamine that users seek is sexual stimulation. It is profound and is difficult to replicate in nature or with other drugs. It is here that casual use turns into life-long addiction.

It is not unusual for meth users to experience “ego-dystonic” sexual behavior while under the influence of crystal meth-amphetamine. It is one of the most abused drugs within the pornographic industry.

Meth and Addict Hygiene – Meth addicts suffer unusually high levels of tooth decay directly attributable to methamphetamine’s acidity and bruxism; a side effect of meth use which causes the user to grind their teeth.

Overall personal hygiene is compromised during any addiction but with meth users dental hygiene is particularly harmful.

Meth Detox and Withdrawal:

Crystal Methamphetamine Detox

Methamphetamine detoxification is sometimes very difficult. The side effects of meth use are profound and usually worsen with the onset of sleep deprivation. Continuous meth use increases the likelihood of experiencing insomnia which increases the likelihood of experiencing paranoia and hallucinosis.

“Psychosis” Meth Detox

When a methamphetamine addict arrives at the Detox Center we have to make a quick assessment to see if they are having difficulty discerning reality. Often times if a meth user has been up for days which can lead to hallucinations and extreme paranoia. This is the definition of a psychosis meth detox.

Typical Meth Detox

Crystal meth users in the early stages of meth addiction generally have lower toxicity levels and can usually detoxify with normal protocol.

The first treatment in meth detox systems is the Rehydration system. Rehydration system includes specific electrolyte replenishment techniques. Rehydration helps combat withdrawal symptoms allowing the central nervous system to recover and return to working as it should.

Another anomaly with meth users is the ability to go days on end without ingesting a single calorie. Meth induced anorexia causes extreme malnutrition. We use a low residue diet along with a series of vitamins and mineral systems to help our clients regain a nutrient stable state.

Typical Meth Withdrawal

The half-life for methamphetamine is longer than most illicit narcotics and that means that the emotional ups and downs are more extreme and last longer than most illicit narcotic withdrawals.

The riskiest time in detox for a Crystal Meth addict is around day 7. That’s when the last molecule of meth is leaving the body and the brain sets off many signals to re-up the supply of methamphetamine. This is when a meth addict’s withdrawal fight and flight mechanism gets activated. This is usually followed by heightened anxiety and bursts of anger. It helps immensely if the meth user is in detox during days 7 thru 10 to help overcome fight and flight mechanisms as well as obsessive thoughts and drug cravings.


We use every available means at our disposal to ensure that our clients successfully manage Meth detox and withdrawal. It is our belief that meth detox is the first step in recovery and should be followed up with a residential crystal meth treatment program for an extended period of time.

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