“Meth” Addiction (Methamphetamine)

Meth Addiction

Addiction to Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine is considered in the same class as cocaine and other powerful drugs that are commonly abused in the streets. It has a number of nicknames just like the other substances in its caliber and you will find it being called by names such as crank, chalk or speed. Though it is outlawed and its use is illegal, it can be prescribed to the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other conditions. Meth addiction is serious side-effect.

Methamphetamine contains dangerous and potent chemicals and just like the other drugs of similar characteristics, methamphetamine will start by first being a stimulant before systematically destroying the body of the user. Being a highly addictive substance, the drug operates by burning all the body’s resources then creating a lethal dependence that can only be remediated by taking more of it.

Signs and Symptoms | Meth Addiction & Abuse

Just like cocaine, Methamphetamine or Meth addiction has elaborate signs and symptoms that point towards its addiction. They include but not limited to the following-:

  • Decreased fatigue and increased attention

  • Increase talkativeness

  • Increased respiration

  • Rushes and euphoria

  • Increased activity and wakefulness

  • Rapid and irregular heartbeat

Symptoms of Meth Addiction

How to know about Meth addiction

There are a number of warning signs that can be used to tell whether someone has been addicted to this substance. The main pointer perhaps lies in the physical appearance of the person and from which a number of clues can always be picked. They include

  • Skin picking – meth addicts will obsessively pick their skins leaving marks like those of extreme cases of acne.

  • Tooth decay – the addicts are likely to experience serous tooth decay or sometimes loss of tooth – a phenomenon known as meth tooth.

  • Hair loss – Meth depletes some of the essential nutrients causing serous deficiencies leading to hair loss.

  • Skin crawling – meth addicts may also sometimes complain of formication; a condition in which the addicts skin crawls.

Meth addiction can be lethal if ignored. It is therefore imperative that the addicts receives the necessary treatment as soon as possible since when given time, it can run out of hand and cause more suffering to the patient.

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