Ketamine Addiction (Special “K”)

Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine Addiction | Signs and Symptoms

Ketamine is another drug that is likely to be found where you find ecstasy party scenes (Rave’s) and disco clubs. It is also known as a potent dissociative due to the effects it causes in the persons who take it. This implies the users will always feel as if they are floating on top of the air or as if their heads or brains have been separated from the rest of their bodies. Being an anesthetic, ketamine addiction can also cause temporary paralysis where the user will not be in a position to move their limbs despite the fact that they are fully awake. The drug will most of the time be found in form of a white powder or as a liquid or tablet.

Signs of Ketamine Abuse

Ketamine reacts in a very short time and many people usually use it to avoid pain. Therefore, when Ketamine Addiction sets in you notice someone is not receptive to pain for a short period of time, then this can be an indication that they are already on ketamine. Other than this, ketamine will slow down the locomotive capability of people making them to be rather slow or sluggish in their movements. As a result therefore, such persons will appear to be as if walking in a slow motion. Otherwise, most symptoms of ketamine abuse will be same as those of alcohol abuse.

Effects of Ketamine Addiction & Abuse

The use of ketamine over a long period of time has really disturbing side effects. These are likely to be manifested in almost all parts of the body starting with the brain right down to the lower limbs. For instance, using ketamine over a long period of time will lead to stomach problems such as abdominal pains and diarrhea. It also has devastating effects on the bladder and urinary tract. It will make the walls of such organs to become very thick and sometimes this can happen and stop the victim from urinating. Kidney and brain damages are also known to be some of the effects of using ketamine over a long period of time.

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