Hydrocodone Addiction

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Hydrocodone Addiction | Signs and Symptoms

Many sellers who sell Hydrocodone in the United State do under various brands Hysingla ER®, Zohydro ER® and common street names such as Norco, Hydro or Vikes. Hydrocodone is however a prescription drug that doctor give to patients experiencing severe pains caused by diseases, accidents or injuries. It should be noted that using this drug without a doctor’s prescription already tantamount to an abuse which might later on have devastating consequences that lead to Hydrocodone Addiction. Abuse will also occur when you increase the dosage as opposed to the ones prescribed by the doctor or when you take the drug more than the period recommended by the doctors.

Signs of Hydrocodone Abuse

There are certain changes that will occur to the person abusing Hydrocodone. Hydrocodone Addiction is however not easy to detect due the fact that the changes are never universal and will vary from one user to another. However, the following are some of the common symptoms you should look out for if you want to spot a Hydrocodone addict:

  • If the patient requests for frequent refills of the drug

  • If the person likes to spend time away from other people. They love a rather secluded life.

  • Sudden and extreme mood swings

  • If their main focus is on the drug than anything else

  • If they are seeing multiple doctors to get more of the prescription

  • They spend faster than would normally be expected.

Long-term effects of Hydrocodone Addiction

When used as per the doctor’s prescription, Hydrocodone is an effective pain reliever though this might lead to addiction in some people. As one continues to use the drug, there will be certain changes in their physiology whereby the brain might think that it must get a dose of the substance and this can happen even if you take it as prescribed by the doctor. With continued use, addiction might ensue and when you notice this, the best thing to do is to get expert assistance by visiting a reputable rehab center with excellent facilities to overcome addiction.

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