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A brief stay in a residential inpatient treatment facility can make all the difference when beginning the road to sobriety. Our waterfront Newport Beach and Huntington Beach inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers are perfect for those struggling with addiction, looking for comprehensive treatment.

Our Huntington Beach inpatient treatment for substance abuse serves all walks of life. Our residential rehabs are designed for gender-specific and age-specific programs to suit the needs of our patients better. Our men programs and women programs accommodate guests all years of age — from baby boomers to millennials. We even have student programs for those who need a campus-style setting.

Our facilities are steps to the sand in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, California. While in the residential inpatient treatment phase of recovery, clients can attend group therapy sessions, individual therapy sessions, and a multitude of other services.

By intensive focus and education on substance use disorders, we can treat a person early on, increasing effectiveness throughout the recovery process.

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We're Pet-Friendly!

Alcoholism and/or Addiction is a family disease and no one member of the family feels the result more than our pet.

We're Pet-Friendly!

Alcoholism and/or Addiction is a family disease and no one member of the family feels the result more than our pet.

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How Inpatient Treatment Works

Following an intervention and detox, the best play to achieve sobriety is to receive inpatient treatment in a residential recovery program. Deciding to remove oneself from family, friends, and work is a considerable commitment and, in many cases, necessary to break the downward spiral of addiction.

Our Orange County programs and substance abuse counselors have a higher level of care than your average treatment center. We set realistic short-term goals and long-term goals in an environment that favors recovery.

In many ways, our residential rehabs in Huntington Beach are luxurious. The waterfront houses resemble 5-star hotels with personal services, amenities, wholesome food, and private rooms. All types therapy can be performed in-house.

Patients going through our inpatient programs can be reassured quality alcohol and drug addiction treatment experts. Those curious about our team should go see our incredible staff of licensed professional psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, nurses, dieticians, case managers, and counselors.

Our Huntington Beach rehabs are well prepared for addiction of all types. Upon your registration and admission, patients are evaluated so that we can provide individualized care for each of our patients.

The criteria below can give you an idea of the spectrum of care we offer, though, it only scratches the surface.

Executive Treatment

Business executives and those with who can’t leave work behind can benefit significantly from our Sober Partners® Executive Treatment Plans. In programs like this, we encourage our patients to dedicate a few hours of work a day to address essential work responsibilities.

Though solutions for inpatient treatment are similar across age groups and income brackets, patients with higher needs and career commitments can receive care catered to their needs. In the executive program, you won’t need to worry about completely leaving the career you worked so hard to build.

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Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

As psychologists are becoming better at diagnosing mental health issues, an increasing dual-diagnosis of substance use disorders and other disorders has been noted. These disorders aren’t necessarily more frequent; we’ve just gotten better at identifying them.

By being able to identify co-occurring disorders, treatment can be much more effective. Our lead clinical psychologist and published author, Dr. Leonard Wayne, is well respected for his views on addiction recovery programs for co-occurring disorders. With his leadership, Sober Partners has been able to help heal underlying mental disorders related to addiction right here in Huntington Beach.

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Gender-Specific Treatment

Attending a gender-specific rehab is beneficial because treatments and therapies are adjusted to biological differences concerning addictive behaviors. Each individual is different, but there are similarities seen within different genders. Studies and research show these differences, and our treatments reflect those gender differences.

Our men’s residential rehab caters to male-specific needs during the recovery process. This has helped men quickly get back to the responsibilities of their regular life.

The women’s residential rehab addresses the fact that hormone levels in women can fluctuate throughout the month. Evidence suggests that a woman’s menstrual cycle can make them more prone to relapse and intense withdrawal symptoms. Because our programs are gender-specific, we can better support women throughout their recoveries than other addiction centers.

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Alcoholism Treatment

Our inpatient treatment for alcoholism, often known as alcohol use disorder, is top-notch. Because of its acceptance in our society, people may be reluctant to admit to their problems with alcohol abuse. Our professional interventionists can be especially helpful in this case.

A fun night out at the bar shouldn’t turn into consistent heavy binge drinking. Part of our program is to help clients identify problematic behaviors related to their adult choice to drink. Our Huntington Beach inpatient alcohol addiction treatment has therapies for each alcoholic: young, adult, antisocial, functional, familial, and chronic severe alcoholics.

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Opioid Treatment

Opioid abuse and opioid use disorders are becoming far too familiar across Orange County. Illicit Opioids like heroin and fentanyl are becoming deadlier, and prescription opioids like codeine are easy to abuse.

Prolonged and heavy opioid use leads to severe physical withdrawal and emotional attachment to drugs. Our therapists target fundamental problems associated with usage as well as implement exercise to strengthen the body.

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Benzo Treatment

Benzos like Xanax or Klonopin are among the most prescribed medicines in the United States. Benzos can be useful for treating anxiety disorders. However, their desirable effects can be greatly abused.

Often, proper health care can ease anxiety and help one cope naturally. Our Huntington Beach inpatient rehab targets triggers for anxiety and work on healthy coping mechanisms to help a person become less reliant on their medications.

People with benzo issues can have steadfast support throughout symptoms of anxiety in inpatient treatment. Over time, we can heal those with anxiety disorders so that they can face the real world without the help of drugs.

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Cocaine Treament

Cocaine is a popular party drug in Orange County. Unfortunately, it’s rather socially accepted and not viewed as harmful. However, cocaine’s highly addictive properties can turn a one-time party occasion into a problematic habit.

Cocaine is also seen to significantly affect the brain’s chemistry, especially when combined with alcohol. Even if done a couple of times a week, rehab should be considered for those who don’t think their favorite weekend activity is problematic.

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