Heroin Detox and Withdrawal

Heroin Detox and Withdrawal

Heroin | Abuse & Use:

Heroin is a semi-synthetic opiate. Opiates are soporific drugs that are normally administered in one of three ways; smoked, snorted or injected. Heroin is a very powerful derivative of the natural opiate morphine which is harvested as a milky white resin that flows from the bulbs of the papaver somniferum poppy. Heroin addicts use opiates to escape or alter reality. The allure is extremely powerful and tends to cause physical dependency in less than 60-days of semi-continuous use.

Heroin Detox and Withdrawal | The Strangle Hold

Most heroin users develop addiction in one of two ways.

  • Heroin addiction begins as a result of an escalation of substance use over many years that begin during childhood usually starting with cigarettes, marijuana or alcohol. The exact formula that creates addiction in people is quite complex but generally can be linked to lifestyle choices that began in early adolescence.

  • As part of a pain management treatment program directed by a physician that escalates over a period of years from simple opioid dependence to psychological opioid dependence. As soon as the change from physical to psychological dependence happens an opiate user seeks out more powerful opiates. Heroin is considered to have the greatest euphoric effects because of its ability to cross the blood brain barrier faster than any other opiate. Therefore it is the opiate of choice for most opiate addicts.

Heroin Suboxone Detox

Heroin Suboxone Detox helps heroin addicts recover without experiencing opiate withdrawal symptoms. Each client receives an individualized treatment program designed to treat their specific withdrawal symptoms.

Opiate Suboxone detoxification works extremely well for daily heroin users. Our heroin detox program directs resources into several key areas to provide heroin users with the best detox program available.

  • Insomnia is the single greatest reason why heroin users fail in detox. Our sleep disorder treatment makes the insomnia problem disappear. Heroin withdrawal induced insomnia requires intensive sleep disorder treatments during the first few days in heroin detox. Once our client develops healthy sleep patterns the sleep disorder treatments are methodically tapered to create more natural sleep patterns.

  • Diarrhea is probably the single most dangerous opiate withdrawal symptom because it causes dehydration. Diarrhea has the potential of – delaying recovery, compromising immune systems and exaggerating other opiate withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone Detox eliminates opiate withdrawal initiated diarrhea in less than 24 hours after admission. The likelihood of a speedy recovery is improved dramatically when this one withdrawal symptom is treated properly.

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

Heroin withdrawal symptoms are considered to have the fastest onset of symptoms. Of course it matters how much heroin a person is taking and how long they’ve been taking it but on average opioids with shorter half-lives like heroin have shorter lasting withdrawal symptoms.

The fear of experiencing pain during the heroin withdrawal process keeps many heroin users stuck in their addiction. Today is a new era in heroin detox and withdrawal. Heroin users can overcome their addiction quickly and easily.

Addicts since 2013 have traveled to our Orange County rehab in Huntington Beach, California to participate in our virtually painless heroin detoxification program. Suboxone Detox gives qualified clients every opportunity for success.

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