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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Our focus at Sober Partners Network is the treatment of Drug and Alcohol abuse but we can never discount the fact the many of our clients come to us diagnosed with co-occurring disorders. Essentially this means in addition to drug or alcohol addiction there may be some underlying psychological disorder fueling the substance abuse.

As we said earlier, fortunately when a client begins a life of sobriety many of these disorders seem to disappear.

All of our new clients receive an initial evaluation from our Licensed Therapists on arrival in addition to a physical exam by our medical staff in order to help design a Treatment strategy that best fits our client’s needs.

Our Therapists also offer individual, group, family and marriage therapy as well and often this gives our clients and their families an additional perspective on drug and alcohol abuse and its effect on the family.

We currently have programs that deal with Anger Management, Marriage Counseling, Parenting, Eating Disorders, Gambling, Hoarding, Sex Addiction, Shoplifting and our Therapists are available for many others disorders.

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dual diagnosis treatment

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