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Ativan Addiction (Lorazepam)

Ativan Addiction | Signs and Symptoms

Ativan® is a prescription drug that doctors use to treat anxiety symptoms and insomnia. But just like other mood altering drugs and substances, a number of people find themselves abusing it which later on leads to Ativan addiction. Ativan abuse of the drug includes using it when to prescribed by the doctor, taking more doses than indicated in the prescription, using it as a recreational medicine or combining it with other mood altering substances. In most cases, Ativan® will prescribed for less than four months and should you encounter any difficulties after stopping its use, then you need to seek medical attention as this is a direct pointer towards addiction.

Ativan Addiction Tablets

Causes of Ativan Addiction

There are a lot of studies revolving Ativan addiction going on at the moment and it is not very clear what makes people to be addicted to Ativan®. However, the following are suspected to be the some of the greatest contributing factors in Ativan addiction:

  • Genetics – people who have first degree relatives who had addiction problem may have higher chances of getting addicted to Ativan®

  • Brain chemistry – Ativan® affects the central nervous system which essentially changes the functioning of the brain. If the brain can’t produce certain pleasure chemicals, then it might see Ativan®as an alternative and this might lead to addiction.

  • Environmental factors – Individuals can also find themselves addicted to Ativan® as a way of coping with unwanted emotions.

  • Liver damage

  • Psychological factors – Ativan addiction may also occur when an individual relies on the substance to control certain psychological effects such as insomnia, depression or anxiety. Though this is one of its main uses, continued use and without prescription may lead to addiction.

Symptoms of Ativan Abuse

There are a plethora of symptoms that points towards Ativan abuse. They include a combination of mood symptoms, behavioral symptoms, physical symptoms and psychological symptoms such as light-headedness and hallucinations. The side effects of Ativan® on the other hand include kidney failure, extreme depression, red eyes, respiratory failure etc.

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