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Alternative Sentencing

Alternative Sentencing refers to programs that offer alternatives to incarceration or a felony record.

Many times an alcoholic or addict finds themselves facing legal consequences from drug and alcohol abuse.

Drunk Driving, prescription medication abuse and simple possession charges may be the last thing our clients think could ever happen to them, but when it does the legal consequences are very real.

Sober Partners Network can refer you to the top criminal justice consultants in the industry.

They have been helping clients for close to 40 years and provide State licensed Residential Treatment and Sheriff approved Sober Living that can help save clients from incarceration and a damaging felony record.

From shoplifting alternative programs to drug and alcohol screening and a stay in a State Licensed drug and alcohol Treatment Center in lieu of a jail sentence they have you covered.

For more information – Call Toll Free: 855-99-PARTNER (855-997-2786)


alternative sentencing

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