Why Shia LaBeouf’s Disorderly and Destructive Intoxication Continues to Spiral

Shia LaBeouf’s drunken arrest is the most recent in a long line of worrisome behavior demonstrating a pattern of addiction.

The perils of addiction are given a greater spotlight when high profile celebrities succumb to the disease. Through a deeper understanding of the dramatic dissolution of their carefully constructed images, we can learn to be wary of the many ways addiction goes unnoticed or unchecked in our loved ones. Too often, career derailment is not the greatest cost of this illness. Tragic health degradation can affect even the wealthiest in our society.

Former Disney Channel star and Transformers lead Shia LaBeouf was arrested on Saturday, July 8 for disorderly conduct that attracted police after they witnessed him ‘losing control.’ LaBeouf rose to fame at an early age on the television series, Even Stevens, and developed his career into adulthood by starring in movies like Disturbia and the fourth Indiana Jones film.

Since early 2005, LaBeouf has been implicated in a variety of charges from assault to criminal trespassing. These antics culminated in a 2014 disorderly conduct charge that led to a voluntary twelve-step alcoholism program. For a year, this treatment and recovery seemed to assuage the crisis of health that incited LaBeouf’s criminal actions. Unfortunately, the behavior began again with another incident occurring in 2015.

LaBeouf’s 2017 arrest for public intoxication indicates either an impasse or a decline in the star’s condition. The rampant, harmful effects of unrestrained access to drugs have forever impacted his health and public image. Without intervention or additional treatment, LaBeouf’s alcohol abuse could escalate to a more serious point. Celebrities are not immune to the painful consequences of addiction.

When we encounter these catastrophic stories of addiction, we should take to heart the lesson of remaining vigilant. Addiction doesn’t care if you are the cream of the cultural crop or wholly destitute. This sickness takes control and sits in the driver’s seat. It can strike clean-cut businesspeople, soccer moms, doting fathers, college students, athletes or anyone with a genetic predisposition who happens to take that first step into the dark.

Addiction can be a whisper or a shout, a plea for help or an angry denial, a perfect professional veneer or an obvious dissolution of normal function. Famous figures who suffer from addiction manage to hide their illness from relatives and the obsessed, prying public. They have the means and the resources to both fund their illness and overcome it. Unfortunately, family and friends don’t recognize the signs or feel powerless to change their reality.

Celebrities are adored by their tight knit communities and millions of fans. They are incredibly privileged, with access to the upper echelons of health care. But the downside of such a bright spotlight is the ease of acquiring dangerous substances. Make no mistake, addiction is a chronic, progressive disease that can be fatal when left untreated.

If we notice the signs and symptoms of drug addiction in the people we hold dear, we must choose to directly attack the disease on all fronts. We must put aside our fear of insulting our loved one. We must make them aware of viable options like professional intervention and effective treatment

Trust your suspicions. Rely on your intuition. Drug addiction literally changes the minds of affected individuals so that they cannot overcome it unassisted. Make it your responsibility to stand up for the precious life you see crumbling before you. Remember celebrities who have lost the fight and the broken pieces they left behind.

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