Why People Abuse Drugs?

Why People Abuse Drugs?

Drug Abuse

There are many facets of drug abuse. This is presently a serious concern in the whole world as it affects all aspects of humanity starting from the nuclear family and it extends to the wider society before its effects being felt in the country. More and more parents and siblings ask the question Why People Abuse Drugs. Due to this, it becomes everyone’s responsibility to take every measure to ensure that abuse does not happen so that the society can be clean and meaningful development of both the country and individuals can be realized.

Common Causes of Why People Abuse Drugs

Genetics: It is believed that the majority of people who engage in drug abuse are low in will power and self-esteem hence they are able to make conscious decisions to involve themselves in destructive behaviors rather than choose to stay away from the drugs. Though the role of genes in drug abuse is complex, there is enough scientific evidence to suggest that genes are responsible for the increased euphoric response to drugs, decreased ability to shun away from drugs once you commence the use, quick reaction to drugs etc.

The Environment: This is also a great contributing factor in determining whether one is likely to abuse drugs. It has been revealed that those who grew up in dysfunctional families where there was violence, intolerance and where alcohol was in play are likely to become drug abusers in the future. Even if this was not the case but an individual grew up where they could come in contact with the abusers during most of the times, then they are also likely to become abusers when they grow up.

Peer Influence: Peer influence play a major role in a person’s life especially during their teens. This is when they will get insurmountable pressure to take drugs and alcohol so that they can fit in the society and be like the rest of their friends. If not checked, such an abuse can lead to addiction which might later on cause more problems to the individual.

The other causes of drug abuse include easy access to the drugs and substances, individual’s personality and their principles on drug abuse, mental illnesses and trauma.

Symptoms of drug abuse

The symptoms of drugs abuse are quite diverse and sometimes will depend on the type and nature of the drug of substance abused. But generally, the following are some of the common signs and symptoms of drug abuse among friends and family members. Why people abuse drugs when the results are really obvious:

  • Physical signs of drug abuse these include bloodshot eyes, changes in appetite or the sleep patterns, deterioration in a person’s grooming behaviors, unusual smells especially on the breaths etc
  • Behavioral signs of drug abuse such as drop in performance at work or at school, increased and unexplained need for additional cash, suspicious change in friends and the hanging joints, frequent troubles such as fights, police arrests etc.
  • Psychological signs of drug abuse – these might include things like change in personality or attitude, increased and sudden mood swings, agitation, lack of motivation, paranoia, anxiety or they appear fearful with no apparent reasons.

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