What Is Smoked On Tinfoil?

What is Smoked on Tinfoil

“Chasing The Dragon”

Freebasing | Chasing the Dragon

Well, you don’t smoke weed on tin foil sheets. Hence your question, what is smoked ON tinfoil, and not IN? Some hard drugs are capable of being heated to point of vaporizing. This process is known as “Freebasing” and the drugs are in the Amphetamine class. Burning actually destroys the effectiveness of these substances so, the foil method works well when a pipe is not available because amphetamines decompose into oil when heated. The oil vaporizes as the pill is heated and kept moving on the foil as not to burn it up.

Gravity allows the smoker, in this crude science experiment, to create long dark trails on the foil for as long as the substance remains solid and emits smoke vapor. Smokers become quite adept at crafting fancy designs with the foil tracks. The gliding-action is similar to why steel blades on skates can ride atop a sheet of frozen ice with ease. Addicts can’t afford real smoking paraphernalia or they prefer foil so they prefer single use paraphernalia for hard drugs so, they can toss the evidence.

Amphetemine Freebase on Tinfoil Tracks

Freebasing Tools

Useful Facts:

  • ADHD Medications are Amphetamines (eg. Adderall)

  • Painkillers are Amphetamines (eg. Oxycontin, Vicodin, Percocet)

  • If Crystal Meth (Crack), will leave a clean dark trail that smells like burned sugar

  • If Heroin (Morphine), will leave a chunky black trail

  • If Bath Salt (eg. Ketamine), will leave a white dusty trail

  • If other designer Amphetamines (eg. Ecstasy), will leave colored tracks (green, red and yellow)

  • Aluminum foil has a melting point that exceeds 1000 degrees F and therefore its impossible to melt, vaporize or inhale when heated by a butane lighter/torch.


Freebasing Heroin

Seasoned users also know to use the dull side to even further reduce possibility of rouge contaminates from the foil to enter the vapor stream.

More makeshift home-made items used for smoking dry leafy substances are pipes and bongs fashioned out foil, aluminum cans or in combination with plastic bottles. These masterpieces are cut in half with a plastic bag of some kind sellotaped to the bottom. The weed/drugs are then placed on the tinfoil and burned as the bag is pulled down which explains the holes, burning and residue.

If you were told its Marijuana/Pot that’s not true. Pot is smoked by an entirely different means that all result in burnt ash. Thus, the use of aluminum or tin foil. A “Freebaser” typically graduates to injection when their tolerance rises and the euphoria isn’t what it used to be. If you had found a needle and burnt spoon, then you would absolutely know you had an addict on your hands and well beyond the what is smoked on tinfoil phase.

A parent or significant other’s best weapon against discovering the presence of an addict is to pay attention to the signs. It’s only then you might have a chance to stop this destructive behavior and potentially save a life.

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