What is a
Legal High?

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Just because its Legal,
It doesn’t mean its Safe?

The effects of these synthetic chemicals, natural/herbal extracts or a combination of the two mirror that of Mephedrone, Cocaine and/or Ecstasy (MDMA). These substances were legalized and given a nice little name of ‘legal highs‘. Mephedrone itself was a ‘legal high’ before it was reclassified, and the whole group was made illegal under the Psychoactive Substances Act of May 2016. However, this only applies if it is sold for human consumption so, many unscrupulous sellers trade under legal classification as “Research Chemicals”.

Of course it is not legal to purchase or use cocaine or ecstasy, but to be able to purchase something else that give you the same feeling without the ending result being jail time and a record; people are growing increasingly more interested.

Legal highs are actually made to mirror the effects that class A drugs give people now. But that is where the likeness ends. These highs are not nearly as addictive or harmful as the street drug is known to be.

is it safe

There is much talk about the concerns of legal highs because it is giving the younger generation the misconception that just because it is legal to possess that it is safe. That is not always the case. The long term effects have recently been proven that legal highs can actually continue to cause the same adverse health issues that drugs cause now. A number one cause of concern is the loss of inhibitions, uninterrupted sleep, being overly excitable, and the paranoia that will persist. Not to mention the fact that all of these symptoms will be severely increased with the use of drugs or alcohol.

The list of legal highs is long and continues to grow on a regular basis. Some other names for NPS (New Psychoactive Substances) are: , Benzo Fury, Ivory Wave, Black Mamba, Bubble, Clockwork Orange, Bliss, Eric 3, Ocean Snow, Gogaine, PlantFood, Bath Salts and Diablo. Sometimes people only call them by the ingredient names: MDAT, MXE, MKET or Dimethocaine.

Regardless of what someone calls it, be careful and use them with caution. There is no label on these new legal highs with warnings plastered on the bottles like a pharmacy would do. There is no restriction suggestions or suggested usage charts. When it comes down to it; it is only you and the legal high of your choice. Choose smart…

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A Legal High

The Good

Like the name tells you, legal highs are very much legal and you are not breaking any law when you try them out. Not even selling them is a crime, and they can be pretty much anything, from interesting herbal mixes you can buy at your local store to bath salts that can be found even in a big super market.

The ones that are all natural are either pretty cheap to make or pretty affordable to buy. Herbal mixes usually include wild lettuce, catnip, hops or similar materials; things that are used in day-to-day life and have little to none of the bad side effects.

Well, with popularity comes scrutiny and most of the really bad legal highs are being pulled off the market by the drug regulatory agencies. That doesn’t mean you can light up and inhale anything that you can get your hands on and expect to have no side effects, but it makes the process a bit safer.

The Bad

Legal highs that you buy at the market may not be very safe, even when compared to real, illegal drugs. If you watched the news in 2012 -> 2019 you must have heard about various ‘Zombie Outbreaks’ in the U.S., with several people who were high on legal materials doing things that got them killed or in jail. Eg. A man high on bath salts tried to chew another man’s face off in the broad daylight and was shot by the police.

If you want to make your own herbal mixes that you can smoke or use as a recreational drug, you’ll have to do some studies, because it’s a bit more complex than just growing weed. The herbs need to be treated in a specific manner before you can put them to use. Also, they don’t pack as much punch as the regular highs, so don’t expect to be seeing dragons with a salad joint.

Legal highs can be much more lethal if they’re not created or used properly (if there is such a thing as proper use for a makeshift drug). Average over the last two decades is about one thousand deaths per year due to misuse of legal highs, but the last year has seen a very sharp spike in the use of legal highs along with body count of 4000, and the trends show that legal highs use is getting more and more popular.

Is A Legal High Worth It?

Even though governments are doing their best to keep track with these substances and their variations, they are producing numerous variations and that is why they are such a threat to human lives. The biggest problem with ‘legal highs’ is that everyone can buy them at their own discretion. Herbal highs can be easily bought in almost every country, if they are not restricted by drug laws.