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There are two basic kinds you will come across; Glass “Rose” or “Spoon pipe. The more nefarious of the two is primarily used to smoke Crystallized Cocaine (Crack) or Crystal Methamphetamine (Meth/Crank) leaving many parents and significant others wondering what is smoked out of a glass pipe, and why?

Crack Cocaine is cocaine a solid form and the colors vary from a pale pink, white or yellow. Crack is said to smell like a mixture of chemicals and burning plastic when it’s smoked. You cannot smoke cocaine, users are not getting high from smoking cocaine dusted on the end of a cigarette, they are simply getting a placebo effect, if anything. Cocaine is destroyed at high temperatures, so when you light up cocaine it is all destroyed before it enters the lungs. If its going to be smoked, it must be cook it into crack which is very easy to do. The high typically last just 10-15minutes.

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Crystal Meth looks like chipped ice, rock salt or chipped glass (“ice”). It ranges in color from white, yellow, orange, pink, or brown. Meth often has no smell, but it sometimes has a faint chemical odor and similar to rotten eggs. Its was designed to give the user a rush (speed) and to “crank” up your feelings and make you come to life. It will certainly do all this, but it carries a heavy downside in that it is extremely addictive – and can actually kill the user. When this methamphetamine wears off, it causes acute withdrawal that is more intense than cocaine. Addiction recovery to crystal meth is possible, but like any drug or substance addiction, nothing works until the user is ready to admit they have a problem and is willing to undergo treatment.

When investigating What Drug is Smoked Out of a Glass Pipe, it is good to know the types of pipes that can be used to smoke drugs.  A crack/meth pipe is also called an “Oil Burner”. It can be coulded use it to vape Marijuana (weed), but the way crack and meth are “smoked” is different from how weed is smoked. So, weed is smoked through a simple combustion reaction where you light the weed on fire and inhale. The cocaine or meth pipe utilizes the “Freebase” inhalation method which requires something between the crack/coke and the flame and a way of trapping the vapors so they don’t escape. Contents are smoked by applying indirect heat to vaporize the solid freebase material into a vapor which is then inhaled (you don’t actually burn it). You could vaporize finely ground weed in a similar manner, but honestly, it’ll probably be unproductive.

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Spoon Pipes have been around for ages to burn a variety of leafy substances. Most commonly known as “Weed” Pipe because of its association with Marijuana use. Some head shops required to be told directly tobacco pipe, it’s the same thing as a “weed pipe” and a water pipe

How users smoke substances from a glass “Spoon” pipe bowl:

  • 1. Put some leaf into the bowl. (It could be a full nugget, it could be ground up, could be hash or whatever you’re smoking but, just make sure that it burns.)

  • 2. Place pipe face up in palm of your hand with Mouthpiece pointed towards you.

  • 3. Cover the small hole on side of bowl (called a carb, which exists to allow for proper air flow in-between and during inhales). Use your thumb or finger to cover it during flight.

  • 4. Put the mouthpiece on your lips.

  • 5. Ignition. (use a lighter, use a match to put flame to leaf.)

  • 6. Breathe it in. (fill the bowl and your body with that milky white smoke)

  • 7. Remove the thumb/finger from the carb and sharply inhale one more time. (If you don’t do this you, 1st aren’t clearing your hits and leaving smoke in the bowl, and 2nd aren’t taking full hits deep into your chest in lungs and pretty much wasting the hit)

  • 8. Exhale. (let it go, and get ready for another)

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That concludes your lesson in glass pipe differentiation on your path to determining what drug is smoked out of a glass pipe. Both are used to consume substances you probably didn’t want to now were being consumed in your general proximity. Putting all that you have just learned aside, always remember, “Your nose, knows”.  Learn more about drug addiction on our Addiction Resources page.

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