What are the Effects of Prescription Drug Abuse

what are the effects of prescription drug abuse

Prescription Drug Addiction | A Serious Problem

If pharmaceuticals were used for pain management or emotional issues, whether as directed by a physician or self-medication the outcomes are the similar. The short-lived effects mask or numb the user from physical or physiological pain. Determining what are the effects of prescription drug abuse stems from user becoming accustomed to the relaxed pain-free state, long after the cause of the pain has subsided, and/or isn’t developing a way to effectively deal with the actual feelings of a psychological problems at hand. For example; a person may not experience his/her depression for a period of time or she may be temporarily able to stop obsessing about a certain problem, in most cases, the problem is simply magnified.

The abuse of pharmaceuticals typically results in extremely negative effects on personal relationships, employment difficulties and job loss, financial difficulties, legal issues, and psychological problems.

Prescription drug abuse and addiction has become a serious medical condition unto itself and an industry of chemical dependency treatment specialists have followed. Reducing one’s use of specific highly addictive prescriptions may produce serious medical complications, including death.

If you take a medicine in a way that is different from what the doctor prescribed, it is called prescription drug abuse.

It could have originated by:

  • Taking a medicine that was prescribed for someone else

  • Taking a larger dose than you are supposed to

  • Taking the medicine in a different way than you are supposed to. This might be crushing tablets and then snorting or injecting them.

  • Using the medicine for another purpose, such as getting high

Abuse Can Easily Lead to Addiction:

Abusing some medications can lead to prescription drug addiction. These include narcotic painkillers, sedatives, tranquilizers, and stimulants.

Every medicine has some risk of side effects. Doctors don’t always discuss with their patients what are the effects of prescription drug abuse when when prescribing medicines. People who abuse these drugs may not understand the risks. The medicines may not be safe for them, especially at higher doses or when taken with other medicines.

Many pills look the same. It is extremely dangerous to take any pill that you are uncertain about or was not prescribed for you. People can also have different reactions to drugs due to the differences in each person’s body chemistry. A drug that was okay for one person could be very risky, even fatal, for someone else.

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