When possible, a brief stay in a Residential | In-Patient Treatment Facility can really make all the difference.

Following an Intervention and Detox, the highest percentage play to achieve sobriety is to receive initial Treatment in a Residential Recovery Program.

Making a decision to remove one self from family, friends and work is a huge commitment and in many cases is necessary in order to break the downward spiral of addiction.

We provide gender specific and age specific In-Patient Treatment Programs that accommodate “Generation X” and “Baby Boomer” guests 35- 65 years of age, Student Programs in a campus style setting, all Women Programs and all Men Programs.

Our facilities are steps to the sand in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, California.

While in the Residential | In-Patient Treatment phase of recovery, clients can attend group therapy sessions, individual therapy sessions, and a multitude of other services, usually in one location.

By intensive focus, and education on the treatment of the disease early on, In-Patient Rehabilitation can increase the effectiveness of the rest of the treatment process later on.

Private and semi-private rooms are available, with all the amenities of home including internet, housekeeping and personal training just steps from the Beach and Bay. We also provide on-site Yoga, Massage and Chiropractic Care along with meals provided by a professional chef.

Health Insurance is accepted at most locations and we provide private pay options as well.

Finally, located on the Beaches and Bay of Orange County means we love the water and there is a lot of fun to be had in it, around it and on it while you get sober and we’d love to show you how.

*Health Insurance is accepted at most locations.

*Private Pay options available.

*Call Toll Free: 855-99-PARTNER (855-997-2786) for details and a quote for your particular situation and needs.