Sober Partners Out-patient Treatment Services is usually the level of Treatment suggested by most Health Insurance Companies when clients initially seek help with drug and alcohol addiction for the first time and costs less than Residential Treatment.

Out-Patient Treatment may require only a few meetings a week in the evenings or for more Intensive Out-Patient (IOP), clients can attend a couple meetings a day, 5 days a week in a classroom setting, along with some counseling sessions and group therapy…

Either way, Out-Patient Treatment affords our clients the most flexibility of time and money and in most cases can continue to work and live at home.

Many clients start their initial treatment in a Residential Treatment Facility and move into Out-Patient services as the next logical progression on their way home, but for clients who have been in Treatment before and have had a slip, entering Out-Patient Treatment after detoxing can work well as they already have the tools and knowledge about their illness and just need to put it into practice.

We often suggest that our clients utilize our Sober Partners 1-ON-1 Intensive Track Service in combination with Out-Patient Treatment to increase its effectiveness.

If a client is struggling with stressors at home, we suggest a short stay at one of our Sober Living Facilities while receiving Out-Patient Treatment until they get a few days or weeks of physical sobriety under their belt.

Health Insurance is accepted for this services.

Private Pay options available.

*Call Toll Free: 855-99-PARTNER (855-997-2786) for Insurance eligibility or details or go to our Insurance eligibility page