Many Drug and Alcohol Treatment Providers provide amazing services but can be limited in the types and methods of services they can provide as a single point location. Because of this, from time to time a client may not get the services they require as they are inadvertently put into a “one size fits all” situation.

This is where Sober Partners Network Can help!

Along with partnering with providers that we know and trust we also provide our own facilities and services, which creates an opportunity to be more innovative and flexible in our client’s Treatment needs. We call this Sober Partners Hybrid Treatment Plans.

In addition, by adding a Sober Partners Sober Coach or Sober Companion to any Treatment plan, we’re able to create a more personal Treatment approach.

Think of this as 1-on-1 counseling throughout the entire Treatment process from start to finish.

Not every client needs every service and we can help create a more time effective and efficient Treatment plan to get you home sooner.

Call Toll Free: 855-99-PARTNER for a brief consultation to see how we can help you get the ball rolling.

These Services may combine Private Pay and Health Insurance payment.