Stages of meth recovery

A Way Out of Crystal Meth Addiction

A Way Out of Crystal Meth Addiction

The choice is yours | it can all change today!

There is the phase before you recognize that you need help, the time when you consider that there is a possibility that you have an addiction that requires treatment, a period when you prepare yourself for moving forward and finding the addiction help you need, a time of action when you actually seek treatment, and the period when you enroll in treatment and begin the process of finding a way out of Crystal Meth Addiction and getting help.

Most of the work in this description actually happens long before medical and psychological care begins. If you’re in the action stage and ready to find a crystal meth rehab that can help you break free from drug addiction, contact us today.

1) Pre-contemplation in Crystal Meth Addiction

During this phase, you don’t believe that meth is a problem for you, much less an addiction. You may be touting the old line that you can quit anytime or you might feel that the negative consequences that result from your crystal meth abuse are either the fault of others or not a big deal. You have no interest in crystal meth rehab at this time or quitting the use of the drug.

2) Contemplation in Meth Addiction

In the contemplation phase of meth addiction recovery, you begin to understand that crystal meth is causing you problems and consider the possibility of treatment at a future date – just not now. The realization that your crystal meth use is causing negative consequences is actually a really big step. Many spend a long time in the pre-contemplation stage in denial of what is happening to their brains and their bodies due to crystal meth; reaching this stage is a great sign.

3) Preparation in Crystal Meth Recovery

During the preparation stage, you take that initial realization that meth addiction is a problem for you and the idea that addiction treatment may be an option for you, and you begin taking steps to make it happen. Finding out what meth addiction treatment might mean for you and considering how you will make arrangements to pay for treatment, hold your job, maintain your residence, or find childcare for your kids are all big parts of this stage.

4) Action and Crystal Meth Rehab

The action stage is all about changes, big and small. Stopping the use of crystal meth, enrolling in a crystal meth detox or comprehensive crystal meth rehab program, attending addiction counseling in an outpatient treatment program, or choosing an inpatient addiction treatment program are all included in this stage.

5) Maintenance and Meth Addiction Aftercare Services

The maintenance stage is an extension of the action stage and continues even after you leave treatment and opt for aftercare services like 12-step meetings or sober living. Though you are still defined as a meth addict, you are in recovery and actively living without your drug of choice. Congratulations!

Find a Crystal Meth Rehab Today

If you are in the contemplation or action stage, contact us at the phone number above. We can help you find a crystal meth rehab that will help you get to the maintenance phase as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

For more information – Call Toll-Free: (855) 99-PARTNER (855-997-2786) or Text Us: 1 (949) 402-9015

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