The Amega AMwand for Pain Relief?

What is | zero point energy

A lot of people think that the Amega AMwand is just for pain relief – not so, it has a variety of uses.

For Example, wand the water you give to your plants and watch them grow larger. Many people have tried this experiment using the same seed package, soil, same amount of sunlight, with the same amount of water. The plant that received the wanded water after 9 days was at least 3 times bigger.

If you are into competitive sports, pay close attention here. If you have taken the time to watch the training videos they show you how to demonstrate, strength, balance and flexibility. The wand will become standard equipment once coaches understand the power of the wand. Say in one of your performances you strained your shoulder, well just get a wand and wand yourself and by round two you will be back to peak performance. Like I said before, once this technology becomes known everyone will have a wand or be using one of the Amega products.

This technology works on animals too. It costs nothing to wand your pet, in fact i have heard stories of pets come looking to be wanded when they see you using the wand. Helping to keep you pets healthy will help to cut down on those vet bills.

A favorite experiment discussed in social media is taking a cheap bottle of red wine, wanding it for several minutes and turning it into a very smooth expensive wine. Be sure not to over wand the wine. AMwand practioners experiment with the time wanded, and are known to post the details of how long is required to make that wine perfect.

Take the lemon test, cut the lemon into wedges and wand half of them. Most people will taste a definite difference, but it seems that smokers have a harder time finding a difference. Exposing fruits and veggies to zero energy additionally helps to extend the efficiency of the minerals and vitamins at intervals them. currently take any left over wedges, wanded or not and place in your favorite drink.

Amega Global is a multilevel-marketing company with has a whole range of other products including nutritional, air and water purifiers, skin care, protection from electronic smog, AMized cup holders and even jewelry.

When using the wand, wand the fingers and toe tips by rotating at least 3 time to unblock any energy blockages. Be sure to introduce zero point energy to the body by wanding the head, forehead, throat and chest, do this before you go to the affected area of pain. Always wave in a clockwise circular motion, why that is the natural motion of energy. For example hurricanes, tornado’s all rotate clockwise..

The AMwand also energizes your surroundings as well as those around you. It also removes distortions in your Bio energetic field and discharges blockages in your body allowing universal life force energy to have a clear path to flow. It reminds the cells where they originated and promotes the body’s own self healing by helping to bring your cells back into balance.

Don’t be fooled with knockoffs, they are not as effective. AMEGA’s AMwand is technically-engineered with 12 special minerals structurally bonded and energized using a proprietary AMizedTM Fusion Technology. As of December 2010, Only Amega Global products had developed the technology to emit zero point energy, regardless of what you read on the Internet. There are now several competitors to the Amega AMwand that boast a greater effectiveness pain relief.

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