Strange or Weird ADDICTIONS?

Strange or Weird ADDICTIONS

To most, the word addiction conjures images of chemical substance abuse, activity like sex or gambling. According to the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), in 2014 an estimated 21.5 million people in the U.S. over the age of 12 and are thought to be clinically addicted to drugs or alcohol. These are by far the two most common forms of substance abuse/addiction.

Some people claim to be addicted to unusual things and typically never admit it.   They have Strange or Weird ADDICTIONS and Sometimes they just really love the experience. Addictions to odd things is a very real phenomenon. Almost a decade ago, the Learning Channel (TLC) released a now-popular series on the subject unveiling some really interesting human habits. Some qualify as addictions because of the obsession cast upon the practitioner. Some so strange you might not believe they could be real. Well, we are here to tell you we’ve published this list (in order of frequency) from the combined experience from our staff during the course of their encounters during the treatment of clients with sex, gambling, overeating and chemical substance abuse.

Addictions come in all shapes and sizes and considered a Chronic Disease of Brain reward”. Some are pretty creepy but, one’s sanity hasn’t been empirically proven as a determining factor. Codependent relationship-oriented activities were omitted due to the complexity of these afflictions (eg. love).

Here we go…
⦁ “CrackBerry” (constant checking of phone/devices even when they do not vibrate)
⦁ Vanity (Tanning, Tattoo, Body Modification, Teeth Whitening)
⦁ Social Media/Internet
⦁ Video Gaming (multi-player a distant 2nd to Solo)
⦁ Music
⦁ Shopping (brick & mortar and distant 2nd to Online)
⦁ Eating Dirt / Soil (Pica)
⦁ Eating Toilet Paper
⦁ Pulling Hair (Trichotillomania)
⦁ Ice Chewing (Pagophagia)
⦁ Attending Funerals/Activities near or smell of Death
⦁ Chewing Arm Hair (its genetic)
⦁ Crisco (squishing vegetable shortening between one’s teeth)
⦁ Drinking Blood/Urine

Addictions originate in the brain which drives motivation, memory and related circuitry regarding chronic continuation. This definition is not limited to the more common activities of using drugs or alcohol, gambling or shopping. In fact, many people are addicted to things that some may consider strange. Negative side effects can occur from practice of strange addiction without being considered obsessive.

How much is too much?
Repeated consumption of inedible substances or objects (like glass – not listed) have the most profound unintended health consequences, and can lead to intestinal issues or failure. Too much tanning could lead to skin cancer. Seemingly benign addictive fetishes like Cos-play or the affection for costume-wearing, consummate binge tv-watching can be very detrimental to relationships. Generally speaking, addictions are typically found to negatively impact or impede aspects of productivity and employment.

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