Sober Partners: Treating Addicted Couples

There is little doubt that couples are impacted by substance abuse and addiction. Addiction has long been considered a family disease. It directly effects all members of the immediate family, often times for generations. Addictions can plummet marriages and families into chaos, both before and after substance abuse treatment. Being informed and educated about how a relationship involving addiction looks and behaves, along with active participation in treatment, may assist couples build a better relationship. Couples counseling can gently assist in moving both of you towards your goals…together.

Addiction encompasses a variety of emotions that are both unstable and intense. Life events impacted by addiction result in a great deal of discomfort. Some of these may include: mistrust, betrayal, rejection, and the feeling of being ‘unloved’. Causing others emotional pain is a by-product of addiction and once the addict decides to attend treatment at facility such as Sober Partners, relationship issues still need to be worked on.

When a couple enters an addiction treatment facility, both partners may experience many new emotions. Once detoxification has completed, addicts and alcoholics begin to see the level at which addiction has contributed to the destruction of their relationships. Couples may need to recognize and take ownership of their own behaviors during the period of active addiction. Some behavioral issues will also need to be addressed such as identifying codependency, rebuilding trust, practicing honesty, setting healthy boundaries, resolving the past, and learning how to forgive, to mention a few.

Seeing a relationship through the recovery process may take a little effort but it is well worth it. When addicts are actively involved with their own recovery programs, the relationship can continue to grow. Some of the elements of a healthier relationship which can begin to replace destructive patterns are mutual respect, unconditional love and acceptance.

It is not uncommon for dysfunction to attract itself. The staff at Sober Partners understands this. Some people will choose others whose dysfunction or wounding suits their own on the opposite end of a complimentary spectrum. This process frequently occurs beyond awareness. Often times people are baffled at how they keep ending up with different partners whom at first seem unlike others they’ve chosen in the past, only to find themselves reliving dynamics of past relationships.

Permissive or enabling qualities are attractive to an alcoholic or addict, but such behavior may provide fertile ground for his or her continued substance abuse to grow. If one partner begins to monitor every move the other makes once they have returned home from treatment, it may also contribute to potential relapse. This is why it’s important for both individuals to be accountable for how they may have helped foster less than functional relationship patterns. Some options for recovering a relationship damaged by substance abuse and dysfunction may include comprehensive couples co-treatment, counseling, or even separation.

Sober Partners is unique in that we use a comprehensive approach to treatment, working with both the couple and their family, when appropriate or necessary.  We do this so couples struggling with addiction can find the help, support, and resources they need to work on themselves and repair relationships with family members into something whole. Our locations provide comfortable, serene surroundings and a safe, tranquil environment for couples seeking refuge from the wreckage of substance abuse issues.

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