Alcoholism and Addiction has no socio-economic boundaries. Rich or poor, it makes no difference.

Unfortunately our high profile, high income- high net worth clients have particular needs when it comes to getting sober and Sober Partners can help.

We realize that Executives of publicly traded companies, and public figures have a lot to lose along with being financially responsible to many.

We at sober Partners Network are bound by Federal privacy laws for all of our clients but can take things a step further, providing Treatment locations out of the country or in un-disclosed, out of the way places when necessary.

Our Executive Companions are sober individuals who have walked in their shoes, who understand the nuances and particular pit falls of high profile clients and can help in crisis management and provide counseling on the go with these unique clients.

Our Executive Companions hold U.S. Passports, are well traveled and are able to stay with clients for extended time frames and assist in our most demanding client scenarios.

Sober Partners Executive Sober Companions meet requirements of cast insurance in the motion picture industry and work behind scenes today assisting high profile clients to get and remain sober in the most tenuous circumstances.

*Fees for this service are dependent upon the level of care needed and can range widely and are billed in weekly or monthly intervals.

*Call Toll Free: 855-99-PARTNER (855-997-2786) for details and a quote for your particular situation and needs.

*This service is currently not covered by Health Insurance. Private pay only.