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Spiritual transformation is the key to breaking free from substance abuse disorders. Sober Partners is a leading  Orange County detox with personalized detoxification programs, experienced clinicians, 24/7 medical care, and the lowest relapse rates in the business. We help our recovering addicts find the strength, support, and clarity in God necessary to get clean and transform their lives over the years.

Top reasons to choose our Christian faith drug and alcohol rehab

We are a reputed Christian Newport Beach drug and alcohol rehab centers with principles focusing on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our Christian addiction treatment creates a safe environment for those battling addiction to help them heal from addiction with the love and support of like-minded individuals. Our role is to strengthen our clients’ relationship with Jesus and prepare them for lasting success with sobriety.

Some people use substance abuse as a coping mechanism to deal with emotional distress, trauma, and other hardships of life. Our solution is to help them attain salvation through Jesus Christ. Our spiritual teachers help our clients embrace Jesus whole-heartedly and achieve deliverance from their behavioral health issues. Named among the best treatment centers in Newport Beach, our program guides our clients towards sobriety by helping them undergo a spiritual transformation. Our Christ-centered programs provide you the strength, support, and clarity required to overcome your recovery obstacles and get clean.

Types of Christian drug and alcohol rehab

Several types of Christian addiction treatment programs exist for individuals battling addiction. Some Christ-centered treatments include private and luxury rehabs, inpatient treatment, outpatient therapy, local church support groups, etc.

The premier addiction treatment services you will receive at our Christian drug rehab in Orange County are similar to non-denominational substance abuse treatments. However, Christian rehabs place a strong focus on scripture teachings and values. Alongside detox treatment, counseling, and psychotherapy, we also rehabilitate our clients spiritually to prepare them for a sober life over the years.

Benefits of Christian addiction treatment

One of the benefits of joining a Christian drug rehab in Newport Beach, CA, is the camaraderie it fosters between recovering addicts and spiritually like-minded individuals. Some of the benefits of Christian addiction treatment are:

  1. Christianity relieves the psychological hardships caused by addiction, such as loneliness, hopelessness, stress, etc.
  2. Faith-based treatment can foster a safe environment for recovering addicts to help them mend trust issues with family members, friends, and peers.
  3. Christ-centered treatment focuses on strengthening moral resolve and provides recovering addicts with the spiritual framework to manage cravings and temptation.
  4. Joining one of the Christian detox facilities in Newport Beach can lower anxiety, allow you to develop a positive outlook on life, and equip you with healthy coping skills for a sober life.
  5. Our programs help recovering addicts learn skills and tools to manage stress, which reduces their risk for relapse in the long term.

Christian values can help you work through all your obstacles in recovery. Our Christ-centered treatment program can equip you with critical coping mechanisms and tools to lead a sober lifestyle. Sober Partners offers affordable Orange County detox in an upscale treatment center with a dedicated staff team. Call us today at 844-262-8701 to verify your insurance with us. 

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