Natural Treatment for Alcoholism

Natural Treatment for Alcoholism

Alcoholism | Signs and Symptoms

Alcoholism refers to a condition where a person is already dependent on alcohol. Many seek results from a natural treatment for alcoholism or dependency. It is considered a disease and has four common symptoms:

  • Craving or having the urge to drink

  • Loss of control and not being able to stop drinking habits

  • Physical dependence where there are withdrawal symptoms like nausea and vomiting

  • and tolerance where an alcoholic’s intake of alcohol is becoming higher and higher.

Too much alcohol in the body may increase the heartbeat and blood pressure of a person. It may also reduce a person’s sensitivity to taste and odor and may result to comatose. These complications of the alcohol should be avoided with the help of natural treatment for alcoholism.

Natural treatment for alcoholism includes dates. Date fruit which comes from date palm is beneficial for treating alcoholic. It has cleansing power especially for the intestines and can counteract alcohol intoxication. Rub four to five pieces of dates in half glass of water and drink it two times a day. This habit may be done for a month. Dates are also used in treating colds and sore throat so it is sure to give medicinal effects.

Apples as Treatment for Alcoholism

Natural Treatment for Alcoholism | Not a Myth

Remember when people often say ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away?’ Well, this tip is another treatment for alcoholism. Apples can remove intoxication from an alcoholic’s body and reduce craving for liquors. Another natural remedy is the juice of bitter gourd leaves. An alcoholic may drink three teaspoons of the juice mixed with buttermilk in the morning. This can help the damaged liver be well again. The juice of the veggie celery can also be a natural remedy for alcoholism for it creates a sobering effect. Mix the celery juice with water and drink it once a day for a month.

The best treatment for alcoholism is to build the body again using healthy foods. Eating enough foods that are rich in nutrients will help an alcoholic stop craving for stimulants like alcohol. Juice fast for ten days may purify the body and get rid of alcohol in the system. After that, it is best if the alcoholic will include fruits and vegetables to his diet. This will make the person health and well again.

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