Methamphetamine Addiction (“Meth”)

Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine Addiction | The New Threat to the Youth of the World

What makes Methamphetamine popular is that it acts fast on the system. This makes it very suitable as a party drug. Groups of youngsters are found using methamphetamine and crystal meth in parties and in nightclubs. This is where the biggest popularity of the substance lies. But it also carries a risk. Meth is known to have a slight aphrodisiac-al effect. When groups of people consume it collectively, this aphrodisiac-al effect can incite them to participate in sexual activities. Unsafe sex can lead to several complications in the users. The risk of infections such as AIDS cannot be refuted either. In fact, the AIDS infection is quite high in places where Meth is available in ready supply and Methamphetamine addiction becomes a common outcome from continued use.

Methamphetamine Addiction & effects on the body

Meth Abuse | It’s long History

Meth is not a substance that is used singly. The high euphoria of the substance is best experienced only in parties and raves. This increases the quantum of usage of methamphetamine and also increases the feel-good factor that people associate temporarily when they use the substance. Also, because groups of people are using it together, there’s a sense of recklessness among the users of this substance.

It is important to see how these substances come into the mainland of the US. The primary source is through illegal trafficking. Mexico is considered as a haven for Methamphetamine production and it is the richest source of supply of the drug. There are various outlaw motorcycling groups and other illegal traffickers who are bringing the drug into the mainland through the highways. Despite the presence of various highway interdiction points, a lot of pure Methamphetamine from Mexico makes its headway into various American states.

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