A stay at one of Sober Partners Sober-living facilities is usually the last stop before a client returns home.

For clients that don’t have family responsibilities to return to, residing in sober lodging while really getting acclimated to a sober lifestyle makes the process of staying sober an easy one. Remember we are talking about increasing the odds of staying sober for the long haul.

Getting through the Treatment Process once and staying sober once and for all is the idea here.

Some of our clients choose to live in Sober Living while attending our Out-Patient Program instead of entering a Residential Program, as this provides just the right amount of flexibility and structure at the same time.

Many of our clients keep their Intensive Track Counselor, whose role has evolved from a Sober Companion to a Coach and now serves in a Sober Advisor capacity at this point to give themselves another layer of accountability.

Clients are randomly drug and alcohol tested in all our facilities and are encouraged to work, go to school and do pretty much everything they would normally do at home.

The difference is that they always have a safe and sober place to go back to with other like-minded individuals to fellowship with as they continue to develop the good habits necessary to stay sober.

In any case, choosing to stay in a sober living environment is a smart option following Residential Treatment or during Out-Patient Treatment.

We have a variety of amenity levels from semiprivate rooms in a campus style setting for young people, where they cook their own meals and do their own laundry, attend school or work to private rooms in ocean front homes with house cleaning services and personal chefs and trainers.