Is Drug Addiction a Choice?

Is drug addiction a choice

…this shouldn’t be up for Debate

Addiction is a disease. Just like hypertension or diabetes is a disease. Did you make a choice to be hypertensive? How about a choice to be diabetic? Of course not! Given the choice, obviously no one would choose to have diabetes, high blood pressure or drug addiction.

By the same token, can you choose to no longer have the disease? No on that count as well… the choice we have is to treat the disease. With high blood pressure and diabetes, we choose to get education, information, see a doctor and a nutritionist. The doctor and nutritionist follows our case as we move through the recommended course of treatment. Periodically, the doctor checks our blood pressure or sugar level to see if the treatments are working. Medication may need to be added to get the disease under control. Ideally, a treatment plan is worked out that provides a management solution to the disease without the use of medication on a long-term basis.

Addiction is no different. As a disease, it requires treatment. You can’t simply decide that you no longer suffer from addiction. Treatment of addiction (just like diabetes or hypertension) can be a life-saving action. Notice the word “action”. Treatment implies action. You must be the first one to act to save your life. No one can make the choice for you to accept addiction treatment. You can be sent to treatment against your will in some circumstances, but accepting the addiction treatment and taking it to heart is altogether different.

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