Is Drinking Alcohol Bad For You

Is Drinking Alcohol Bad For You

Alcohol Consumption | The Good & Bad

If you think that alcohol is not a good thing for the body, think again. Many people seek the internet wondering is drinking alcohol bad for you. How does anyone really know? The risks are high but do not underestimate the healthy benefits offered by beers, wines and spirits. For many years, beer ~ carbonated water with hops ~ became common additions in local bars and taverns. People who want to have a good time prefer beers because of the immediate euphoric feeling it can give. Wines are natural choices because they are made from a wide variety of grapes. Spirits, on the other hand, are beautified drinks suitable for modern parties and techno bars.

Drinking beer is totally fun if you spend the moment with your friends and loved ones. Over glasses of beer, you can share stories, jokes and reveal confessions that can increase the thrill of the moment. However, if you drink with a group, there is a huge chance that you might lead to over-drinking. If you drink too much beer, the hangover would immobilize you for the next day. Nausea would take over and a terrible weakness would crawl in your body. Moreover, beer can affect your decisions greatly; that is why drunkards often flinch at the wrong decisions they made without proper awareness. Despite that, moderate drinking of beer can actually reduce the chances of heart-related ailments. It is advisable for you to drink one to two bottles of beer per day.

Wine is best for relaxation and light dinners. Because of its long period of fermentation, it has high alcohol content which can be dangerous for the liver if it reached alarming levels. Despite that, the old saying ‘wine is good for your soul’ applies well. Some experts agree that drinking wine moderately can increase your lifespan by 30% because of its natural effects and anti-oxidants. Wine also relaxes your mind and body when presented with great stressors. To enjoy your wine more, take it during light lunches instead. Just smell and enjoy the wine.

Spirits are mostly colorless but they can be modified to create exotic tastes and appearances. Vodka and Gin are famous spirits that are high in demand, especially in cities with growing bars and local taverns. If you drink spirits moderately, you will have an improved sleeping pattern and better performance for the next day. Over-drinking might lead to alcohol poisoning, so watch your drinking manner.

Still wondering | Is Drinking Alcohol Bad For You?

It is evident that alcohol complements a healthy lifestyle. Generally, you can just avoid it and focus on drinking other healthy alternatives to avoid becoming an alcohol abuser, and worst, an alcoholic. In the end, a heightened sense of control is needed to enjoy drinking beers, wines and spirits.

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