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Seeking help from a  Huntington Beach rehab center can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. Sober Partners creates a safe place for recovering addicts to heal and recover from their behavioral and mental health illnesses. Our addiction treatment programs encompass individual therapy, counseling, family and group therapy, etc., providing recovering addicts with an immersive healing approach.

Overview of our intensive track service

Our signature intensive track service offers 1-on-1 private drug & alcohol counseling to recovering addicts during all phases of their treatment process. We have professionals to work as your sober companion, coach, and advisor from the start till the end of your recovery journey. Intensive track treatment at our drug rehab in Newport Beach, CA, encompasses the following three levels of professional services:

  1. Sober coach

As you embrace sobriety, you no longer need around-the-clock care. Our intensive track sober coach will meet with you 3 to 4 times a week for a couple of hours each day for various activities.

  1. Sober advisor

Our sober advisors stay in touch with recovering addicts for up to a year and provide 1-on-1 meetings once a week in person or online. These advisors create accountability and offer support and guidance as patients focus on reestablishing life after rehab treatment.

  1. Sober companion 

A sober companion will visit you during detox and accompany you throughout the first month of your treatment. Our sober companions help you understand what is happening in rehab treatment and protect you from the possible pitfalls in early recovery.

Our intensive track counselors possess anywhere from 10 to 30 years of experience working with recovering addicts and can show you the best ways to get clean and stay sober in the long run.

How do I speak to my employer about my upcoming rehab treatment?

Sooner or later, your addiction will affect your performance at work. Your employer will have an issue with you for falling behind on your responsibilities, skipping shifts, poor focus, etc. Letting your employer know about your decision to attend drug rehab in Orange County is ideal for avoiding a variety of problems. Doing so may not only save your job but help them understand how committed you are towards taking the necessary steps to get better.

Be transparent with your employer about your substance abuse disorder. Being honest and upfront about your situation can help your employer empathize with your situation and enable them to assist you in the process. Make sure your work projects are taken care of by your co-workers while you are away for treatment. If letting your colleagues know about your addiction treatment makes you uncomfortable, tell them that you are taking a leave of absence.

Top reasons to choose us for recovery

We are one of the few treatment centers in Newport Beach with a dedicated intensive track program. With affordable treatments and customized recovery plans, our program’s benefits exceed anything you can get at other detox facilities in Newport Beach.

Your search for the best Newport beach drug and alcohol rehab centers ends here. Call us at 844-262-8701 to join the top-rated Huntington Beach Rehab Center. We can help you embrace sobriety in a pain-free and sustainable manner with our personalized treatment approach and highly effective detox and inpatient treatment. Contact Sober Partners now to verify your insurance with us.

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