The 12-Steps in Rehab

How The 12-Steps WORK in Rehab!

Alcohol Rehab and 12-Step Treatment| How They Can Work Together?

In traditional alcohol rehab programs, patients have the opportunity to begin 12-step treatment as part of their treatment plan. Meeting regularly with peers in the program and learning how to work the 12 steps and remain sober with the sponsor and share system, created by Bill W. in 1935, can help patients to take advantage of 12-step meetings out in the community after completing alcohol rehab. Here’s how many have reported the 12-Steps work for them while in rehab…

Alcohol Rehab: Goals and Options

Whether you choose holistic alcohol rehab that includes the 12-step option in addition to a variety of other treatments or opt instead for a traditional addiction treatment program that is based upon the 12 steps and traditions, you’ll be able to get a taste for the program and see if it’s a fit. The goal of treatment is, first, to help you stabilize in alcohol detox and, second, to help you learn new coping skills to fight off relapse when you return home. Part of relapse prevention is developing a personal treatment plan that you maintain after alcohol rehab, one that provides you with the support and guidance you need to work through temptations and hard times.

How 12-Step Treatment Fits into Alcohol Rehab Goals

There are a number of reasons why 12-step treatment works well with alcohol rehab. Some of these reasons include:

  • 12-step programs are everywhere. You can find a 12-step meeting in almost any city, in most countries anywhere in the world. This means that you can travel or move and you’ll always be connected to this resource of support. In some major cities, you can even find 12-step meetings at all hours of the day and night every day of the week.
  • 12step programs are free. There is no charge to be involved in a 12-step program or to attend meetings.
  • New friends, support and a place to vent. All of these benefits are available to those who attend 12-step meetings regularly. In many cases, even newcomers can find a safe place to vent or keep themselves protected from relapse and make a new friend who will go have coffee with them so they can stay sober another day.
  • Continuity. When you experience 12-step meetings during alcohol rehab, you learn the basics of the program and how it works. It makes it much easier to find and attend meetings after you return home, making your transition into sobriety an easier process.

How do the 12-Steps work, well, if you work them, especially in rehab. What are the benefits that you’ve found in 12-step programs? How did meetings help you transition into your new life of recovery after alcohol rehab?

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