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Healthy Eating In Rehab? 4 Things To Consider

Its well known that an addiction to alcohol and drugs can wreak havoc on the mind, body and soul. In most cases, someone who is drinking a lot or taking drugs often is not focused on healthy eating and making sure their nutrition is on point. Even further, stimulants such as meth or cocaine can take away one’s appetite altogether; individuals using these types of drugs usually aren’t consuming enough food to meet the necessary daily intake of essential calories to remain healthy and balanced.

Opiates can cause myriad stomach issues once in withdrawal, which can lead to diarrhea and vomiting, hence losing even more nutrients. Alcohol abusers don’t fare much better. Not only is alcohol lacking any substantial health benefits, but it also prevents the absorption of vital nutrients, like vitamin B12. Additionally, it can deplete the body’s zinc resources, which can prematurely wear a body down.

A Rehab with Healthy Food

The essential role that diet plays in early recovery is why places like Sober Partners, a luxury facility in the recovery mecca of Newport California, emphasizes the importance of incorporating a healthy eating in conjunction with solid treatment. Sober Partners offers comprehensive programming facilitated by Master’s-level therapists who make sure to incorporate holistic approaches, like salt water therapy in the Pacific Ocean. In keeping with the mind, body, spirit approach, they also promote a healthy eating diet that’s optimal for recovery. Clients enjoy meals prepared by a world class chef who uses the freshest ingredients available.

Perhaps even more important than eating delicious, nutrient-dense meals, is learning how to create them. Residents at Sober Partners enjoy the food but also learn how to cook it through classes offered on site. Within these lessons, the chef offers tips for optimal nutrition and easy preparation, so clients leave with a sense of confidence in being able to replicate the menus at home.

Can Healthy Eating Keep You Sober?

How does a healthy diet actually help you stay sober? Organs and tissues that were affected by substance abuse can heal when provided with the proper nutrients. With the right fuel, the body has an immense amount of energy and mental clarity, allowing for a person in recovery to face each day in a healthful and mindful way. And while the body is reaping the rewards of a proper diet and healthy eating, the brain is benefiting just as much, if not more.

It is not uncommon for someone to get sober from drinking and drugging, but then swap one addiction for another with food. According to BrainMD Health, the feelings a person experiences when craving sugar are very similar to the urge to continue using cocaine. With some individuals, the more sugar they consume, the more their body wants sugar.

Clients at Sober Partners are eating well for the first time in a long time, and learning how to feed themselves for wellness and whole health. They are consuming food high in the essential macronutrients that aid in brain and body health. Think healthy fats, such as salmon, avocado and nuts, that contain Omega-3 fatty acids linked to helping with memory, depression and clear thinking.

Menus always integrate proper proteins, such as fresh seafood, cheese and beans, that contain amino acids to help the body to repair itself and the neurotransmitters in the brain to function correctly. The residents also regularly consume balanced carbohydrates, like dark berries and whole grains, for energy production.

The Sober Partners Difference

The treatment team at Sober Partners is also very well aware that just like no addiction or addict is alike, neither are their dietary needs or preferences. Luckily, the chef can handle any sort of preference, dietary need or restriction with the greatest of ease. And he makes healthy eating taste amazing!

Sober Partners aims to foster a full, healing treatment program. The staff believes that in order to get your mind right, you also must get your body right. With a beautiful facility near Newport Beach, holistic and client centered approaches and an incredible chef creating mind blowing meal masterpieces, individuals are in for a total cleansing and life changing experience.

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