Having Fun Clean And Sober

Having Fun Clean And Sober!!

People who have substance use disorders often have a million excuses for not wanting to get clean and sober. They may worry about disappearing friendships once they get clean, fear other people’s judgement, or they may not be able to face the truth about their addiction—just to name a few. Another reason why they don’t want to give up drinking and drugging, even if it’s making their life completely unmanageable: They’re worried they’ll never have fun again. Because the idea of being clean and sober seems boring, mundane and somehow even more unbearable than the pain of continuing to self-destruct with substance abuse.

What most don’t realize is, they stopped having “fun” a long time ago. It might have initially been fun to go out and get wasted with their friends. But after a while many people in recovery actually discover that the fun they thought they were having was really just an attempt to run away from their feelings of guilt, inadequacy and shame.

Most sober people report that once they accepted they had a problem and sought help, they forgave themselves and, for the first time in a long time, really started to enjoy their lives again only this time around they are clean and sober. Instead of just being alive, they gave themselves the chance to thrive.

Getting sober is never easy, and neither is coming to terms with being an addict or an alcoholic. Fortunately, there is help. Sober Partners is a treatment facility available to individuals who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. It not only offers luxury accommodations, excellent food and cutting-edge treatments, but it also teaches clients what it is to have fun clean and sober without the burden of needing to have drugs and alcohol to do it.

While the therapeutic component of treatment is crucial, it’s important to keep in mind that therapy doesn’t just happen in the confines of a sofa or circle of folding chairs. Sober Partners gives clients new and exciting experiences every day, taking the concept of recreational therapy to a whole new level.  Whether it’s an outing involving surf boards, paddle boards, kayaks or fishing poles the goal is to have fun clean and sober, get outside and experience the healing power of movement and nature.

There are frequent group outings to movies, go-kart racing, laser tag, or going to check out the local art scene. Clients also enjoy yoga or the gym and the staff at Sober Partners readily provides transportation to and from the facility. Sober Partners also makes relaxing at home just as entertaining. Clients can access gaming, massage chairs or Smart TVs.

Sober Partners also makes relaxing at home just as entertaining. Clients can access gaming, massage chairs or Smart TVs. They can also bask in panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean or take a stroll on the Newport Beach Pier. Residents often relax on the balcony and watch the sunset while enjoying food, drink and fresh ocean air.

While Sober Partners does offer plenty of adventure and upscale amenities, it also integrates several holistic therapeutic activities to enhance the client’s treatment experience even further. Equine therapy, breathwork, art therapy and salt water therapy complement the treatment program.

Sober Partners gives individuals a chance to see what they have been missing because of their addiction—an opportunity to truly feel the joy and excitement one gets from experiencing something new clean and sober. They learn, with the help of the amazing staff and supportive community, that life is worth living again.

For more information – Call Toll-Free: (855) 99-PARTNER (855-982-3247) or Text Us: 1 (949) 402-9015

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