Happy “Sober” St. Patrick’s Day!

What is this Holiday | all about?

We often associate two words with the March 17th remembrance of the death of a 5th century Roman Catholic missionary to Ireland: Green and Drunk! We know that green is a symbol of spring and new life, but why drunkenness? Guessing because most of us have made alcohol, or more specifically, Green Beer, a part of Happy St. Patrick’s day celebrations for a very long time. Tipping one too many has become as Irish as a four leaf clover or the blarney stone! Keeping St. Patrick’s day Happy & Sober requires a simple strategy.

So, how can a person in recovery avoid alcohol or any addictive substance on this day where so many people are indulging? The answer: People, Places and Things! First, it’s wise to surround yourself with People who can celebrate without alcohol or drugs. Yes, it does happen! You will find that hanging out with friends and family who do not drink will help you to stay sober today. If you have no family or friends that don’t drink, then get thyself to an AA meeting. This is the Place. You can find a meeting in your hometown by searching: There you’ll find others who will be emphasizing the “Green” association with St. Patrick. The green of spring, of new life in recovery!

So, what are the “Things”? These Things often define as what inspires you. For example, instead of a glass pipe, or a cocktail glass..why not try a book, a treadmill at the gym, or even a gift for your spouse or child. The things we surround ourselves with affect our character, hence the way we are in the world.
From all of us at Sober Partners®, we wish you and yours a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day. We want to end raising a cup of green tea today in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day by reciting one of our favorite Irish Blessings:

Wishing you a rainbow for sunlight after showers, miles and miles of Irish smiles,for golden happy hours, shamrocks at your doorway for luck and laughter too, and a host of friends that never ends, each day your whole life through!

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