Get Well JOBS in Recovery and the 12-Steps

get well jobs in recovery the 12 stepsGet Well JOBS in Recovery and the 12-Steps.  So, you feel OK-enough having gotten your phone back and probably getting comfortable in your sober living environment. “Danger, Will Robinson” … Acting our directions from our previous thinking mechanism, which landed us in this desperate situation in the first place, you think it’s time to get a job to pay for this place and/or put some food in your mouth/buy some things for myself.

Recidivism Rates are Even More Staggering
Newcomers out of their 30-60 days residential treatment often feel like taking 1st job. Most are drawn to work in easy realms like recovery itself or at a Bar. Both realms are not judgmental about a recovery history but, the recidivism rates back into treatment are staggering. Most don’t have the courage at this stage to test the waters of mainstream employment options.

Instead, start applying yourself to 12-Step group participation:
~ Get a Home Group and become regular member (fellowship!)
~ Take a Commitment (plan on keeping the task for entire length of service)
~ Go to an Intergroup or General Service meeting (anyone welcome to visit)

Frequently Sought but, Ill Advised Jobs:
~ Bar Back (all jobs in Bar Industry)
~ Sober-Living House Tech/Manager

How About That Resume’?
Do you have an arrest record, are you accumulating one while in recovery? Are charges being dropped? Are they felonies? what if an employer were to search for my name, and picture of my mugshot comes-up? There are a million more…

Attending interviews, crafting resumes, cover letters, and the like, without traumatizing yourself is a daunting task. Perhaps your resume’ is fairly impressive, and you’ve turned your life around. You now feel like taking on new responsibility Thus, I feel it’s time to find a job or else. How do you best position yourself for a best job while following your new path of Rigorous Honesty? Well, just be honest. There will be obvious questions that may arise like gaps in work history, etc. But, are you jumping right back into your chosen career or taking a new career-building path with more entry-level position? You should be forthcoming when asked. That’s the point. If your inclinations are to lie then you haven’t learned anything while working the steps. Sure, you may feel like you deserve better, but at the same time, you are on a new path to freedom from addiction. That is the overwhelming priority here.

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