EFT for marijuana cravings

EFT for Marijuana Cravings?

What is the | Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

Usually, when you are in the process of quitting smoking weed, marijuana, pot, or whatever you may call it, the greatest dispute which you have is the craving to go back to your old habits. Every place you are in a constant battle with yourself whether to defeat the marijuana cravings or not. Because of this dilemma, there are recently various self-help or self-motivation methods to help you to get more inspiration to hold on with the goal of removing this drug from your life. One known method for curbing marijuana cravings is known as EFT or The Emotional Freedom Technique.

One of the systems that developed significant acceptance today is the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. EFT is a fast, simple, and very successful way to succeed against cravings of every kind including craving to smoke pot joints. There are basically two methods of executing it; EFT affirmations and EFT tapping. To make the technique more effective, it is advised to do the two ways.

EFT in a single sentence means a way to overcome conditioning. By applying pressure on certain places of your body while your mind is busy with your conditioning you can reverse the craving for smoking pot or whatever it is you do not want. Though this technique seems to be weird, it is actually very easy to do and most effective.

To perform the beginning part of this system, you need to think of statements that are relevant to you and to your current condition state of mind. You have to find out discover what you are afraid of in order to stop smoking marijuana now and for good. You have to focus on the craving that you feel. As soon as you are aware of the cravings, isolate where it is coming from; it may be in the chest or at the belly. So once you have located where the cravings are coming from, you can start with the tapping process while saying the statements of affirmation. An illustration of an affirmation could be “Even though I have this craving feeling in my belly pulling it tight when I think about my longing to smoke, I profoundly and completely assume myself”.

The next part of this system is the tapping exercise. Tapping in this connection means to use your fingertips to tap like you would tap on a table to produce a noise. Applying a similar pressure you would apply to tap on a table, you need to tap at specific parts of your body too.  The locations that you will be taping on are mostly identical to the points applied in acupuncture pressure spots. Tapping on these points leads to easy acceptance of your affirmations to reach the subconscious mind. The most used points are the top of the skull, eyebrow, borders of the eye, beneath the eye, below the nose, chin, collar bone, and below the arm. You should tap on these points of your body at least ten times before doing it to the next position. Also, keep in mind to repeat your statement out loud during tapping, saying it to yourself as you move along the various tapping spots.

Since the consumption of weed is caused by feelings and is usually based on emotions, EFT is the perfect strategy to help you handle the emotional attachment to this drug. When practiced EFT can create results in minutes which last for hours continuously. So it shows that EFT is probably the easiest and most effective method for success against cravings as well as anxiety. At Narcotics Anonymous you can discover a lot of detailed information about overcoming pot smoking as well as successful systems which already helped many.

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