prison drug abuse is real

Drugs Behind Bars Increases Drug Addiction

Sad | and unfortunately, TRUE!

Tough laws on drug possession and small time dealers has meant a skyrocketing number of Americans in prison for drug-related offenses. It has also meant an ironic situation, in which those incarcerated for crimes caused by addiction to drugs are still able to get substances of abuse behind bars which often increases Drug Addiction.

According to The Daily Beast in March of 2017, pretty much anything is available to prisoners on the inside – but in much smaller quantities and at a price premium. Prisoners who get any amount of a certain substance that they’re willing to sell will put the word out and those who want to can buy it. Buyers generally pay with books of stamps bought from the commissary, what prisoners call their general store where they can shop with money put on their account by friends and family.

Ongoing Access and Little to No Drug Treatment

It’s difficult to maintain an ongoing addiction inside – certainly nothing like out on the street – but it is still possible for prisoners to get high. It’s part of the overarching problem behind the concept of incarcerating offenders while they have an active addiction. They don’t get the treatment they need, they continue to have access to drugs, and when they get out, they immediately return to their old habits.

Solution #1: Drug Courts

It’s a problem that some states are working to address through drug court. Here, nonviolent offenders living with active drug dependence can choose to go to drug rehab rather than go to jail. They must comply with their program, take random drug tests, avoid abusing any substances, and stay on the straight and narrow for a period of time. Many people who go through drug court do not end up back in front of a judge; those who go to jail, more often than not become repeat offenders.

Solution #2: Drug Treatment

Drug courts aren’t always available to those who need it, and in many cases, overdose hits well before criminal activity begins. The best solution to the problem of drug addiction is drug treatment, and that is accessible to all who seek it out. If you would like help finding a drug rehab that is right for your needs, contact us today. We can help you locate an addiction treatment program that will help you avoid the court system altogether and provide you with the support you need to build a new life for yourself in recovery.

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